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First Look: HANDiBIBLE for iPhone

As TUAW's own Robert Palmer noted a few weeks ago, there are over 20 Bible applications available for iPhone. Some require an Internet connection to query an online Bible database, while others store the text on the device. HANDiBIBLE (formerly Pocket Bible) is one of the latter apps, and is now ava...

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Play Free Bird!

Next time you're at a concert and just gotta have an encore, don't pull out a cigarette lighter. Instead, launch iLightr! iLightr is a virtual cigarette lighter for iPhone and iPod touch that is available in the App Store now (click opens iTunes). It's only US$0.99 and is an amazingly good simulatio...

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MobileFamilyTree: Genealogy for iPhone

Want to carry your family tree with you? Synium Software, the developer of a genealogy app called MacFamilyTree, has announced a mobile companion for their Mac product. MobileFamilyTree for iPhone and iPod touch requires MacFamilyTree 5.2.3 to run, and allows genealogists to review, edit, or add to ...

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