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iPhone dev-team releases untethered redsn0w jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2, iPad 2 not included

The iPhone dev-team released an untethered jailbreak for iOS owners running Apple's latest 4.3.2 firmware. Good news for jailbreakers as Apple did not patch the hole discovered by @i0n1c. The code for this exploit was used in the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 and was easily ported over to th...

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Vimeo for iPhone now available, features video editor

Vimeo expanded its video hosting service to include an iPhone application today. The new mobile application is integrated tightly into the Vimeo service and lets you easily edit and manage your existing video content as well as add new content recorded on your iOS device. The Vimeo applicatio...

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ARDefender augmented reality shoot-em-up hands-on

ARDefender has been out for a couple of months but surprisingly it's fallen under the radar of a lot of iPhone users. Combining augmented reality technology with a basic aim-and-shoot, ARDefender allows you to transform your physical desktop or office floor into a battleground. It costs just a buck ...

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Found Footage: iPod touch 4G goes head to head with iPhone 4

A site called Letem Svetem Applem has put together some performance comparison videos with the iPhone 4 and the new iPod touch, and the results may surprise you. In the startup speed test, the iPad actually beat all of the other iDevices, and the new iPod touch barely beats the iPhone 4 (but all ...

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Shippity-do-dah: Apple starts shipping new iProducts

Shippity-do-dah, shippity-day, my oh my what a wonderful day! There's plenty of iProducts shipping your way. Wonderful feeling, wonderful day! Our TUAW tip line is getting inundated over here with your happy shipping missives (yay -- we're excited too!), so we decided to open up a thread so you c...

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Apple introduces 4th gen iPod touch with camera

FaceTime. It isn't just for iPhone any more. Apple has just introduced a new generation of iPod touch with an improved chip (the same A4 that powers the iPad and the iPhone 4), a better display (the iPhone 4's double-resolution Retina display), and a built-in, front-facing camera that introduces ...

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