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iOS 7.1.2 still vulnerable to Pangu untethered jailbreak

Yesterday's iOS 7 update featured relatively minor tweaks and big fixes, but one of the more surprising things about it is what it didn't address; It appears that the Pangu jailbreak tool -- which can provide an untethered jailbreak using either a Windows or Mac computer -- was not on Apple's "To ...

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iOS 8's silent war against jailbreaking

Apple isn't dumb. The company knows users jailbreak their devices, but more importantly than that, they know exactly why. There are those who jailbreak to use apps that simply would never be approved for sale on the App Store -- and that's a group that Apple has little chance of luring back to the...

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Address space randomization adds extra security for jailbroken iPhones

Reduced security is among the top reasons given by Apple and enterprise information technology managers for their opposition to iPhone jailbreaking, but at least one white-hat hacker is out to prove them all wrong. German security consultant Stefan Esser of SektionEins will introduce a tool this wee...

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Carry more iPad data with you, using HyperDrive

No matter what size iPad or other portable device you get, many times it seems that you're going to hit that storage limit and find yourself aching for more space. The HyperDrive may not fix that problem for you, but it may be handy in certain circumstances. Using the portable HyperDrive and the ...

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iCade-like "Freekade" iPad arcade cabinet up for auction

Last April -- as is their recent tradition -- ThinkGeek put on its show of April Fool's Day items. Most of these fake items are of the "OMG I need to have that!" variety, like the Tauntaun sleeping bag from a past year. This past April's list included the "iCade" iPad gaming cabinet, which would hav...

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Library of Congress rules in favor of jailbreaking

Today, the Library of Congress has ruled in favor of both jailbreaking and unlocking phones according to an Associated Press Statement published on the New York Times. The Library of Congress statement can be found here if you'd prefer to read the original. The Washington Post has also picked up thi...

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Rumor: Apple's iPhone 4.0 to support multitasking, Expose-like interface

Rumors are flying hot and heavy about a new update coming to the iPhone this summer. AppleInsider has another big rumored feature: Multitasking. According to their sources, Apple will finally introduce third-party multitasking on the new iPhone. Of course, they're doing it the way that they want to ...

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Found footage: iPhone + Arduino + Heartrate Monitor = HumanAPI

HumanApi, Sports ECG in real life from uxebu on Vimeo. iPhone developer Nikolai Onken has been hard at work putting together what he calls the Human API. He wants to explore how real life can be the source of data that can be gathered and analyzed using web technologies. In the project demonstra...

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Flash on the iPhone, in demo form

Flash has finally made its way to the iPhone, with the help of some sneaky developers. The open source Gordon project, hosted over at github, has provided a JavaScript-powered Flash runtime. With it, you can actually load and view Flash's .swf files, even on the iPhone's Mobile Safari browser. I gav...

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Contract-free refurb 8GB 3G $430 with free shipping

TUAW reader Conrad N. tipped us off to a nice 3G iPhone deal this morning. is offering an 8GB 3G for just $430 with free shipping. While I wouldn't classify this as a red hot deal (a 3GS would have qualified) it's not bad for anyone who wants to pick up an inexpensive contract-free unit, for...

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Ven1 vid1 ja1lbreak1: Hands on with blackra1n

When it came time recently to jailbreak an iPod touch, I decided to take a look at George Hotz's BlackRa1n tethered solution. Unlike the Pwnage approach that creates a custom ipsw (iPhone software) bundle that you install via iTunes, the tethered approach communicates directly with your iPod or iPho...

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Hiring a new sheriff: Apple clamping down on jailbreaking to soothe corporate angst?

With the latest jailbreaking code, blacksn0w, now available for Geohot's blackra1n utility, iPhone owners who want to free their favorite smartphone from the constraints of the App Store and the AT&T network may do so. But a recent report by PCWorld / Network World indicates that Apple is hiring...

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PwnageTool 3.1.4 for iPhone OS 3.1.2 now available

The ever-determined band at iPhone Dev have updated their "PwnageTool" to include the 3.1.2 release of the iPhone software for iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and iPod Touch 1G/2G (note that the iPod touch 3G is NOT supported). Jailbreaking, which is different than "unlocking", allows different applications to ...

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Found Footage: iPhone and Qik go live for New Mexico reporter

Albuquerque TV Reporter Jeremy Jojola recently used a jailbroken iPhone and Qik [iTunes link] to broadcast a story live for KOB-TV. It's a far cry from the big trucks with microwave antennas and satellite dishes that are usually seen where news stories are broadcast. The audio and video quality isn...

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Apple says jailbreaking is illegal

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted the news that Apple has filed comments with the US Copyright Office stating that the act of jailbreaking your iPhone is a copyright infringement and a DMCA violation, and therefore illegal. The EFF says that Apple is claiming that jailbreak apps still re...

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