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Macworld's Jason Snell on the failings of digital calendars

For most of us, calendars are the cornerstone of our work and personal schedules. Though we own "smart" phones, the apps we use to track our days are still relatively dumb, argues Jason Snell of Macworld. In a lengthy article, Snell asks why calendars aren't more like a personal assistant -- ...

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Disrupt panel discusses iPhone 5 launch

The best of the best in the Apple world took to the stage last week during TechCrunch Disrupt to talk about the iPhone 5. Hosted by TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington, the round table of Apple experts include Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, John Gruber of Daring Fireball, Tim Stevens of Engadget, Jason S...

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Macworld Industry Forum: Jason Snell on how Apple does it

News from Macworld Expo, all week at TUAW. At the Macworld 2011 industry forum this morning, Jason Snell, the editorial director of Macworld magazine, talked about "how Apple does it." His first point was that Apple is not just Steve Jobs. Steve created a great management team that just doesn't get ...

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Macworld 2010: The lowdown from Macworld's Jason Snell

Nobody was safe from the hot seat in our Macworld Expo booth, including Macworld magazine's fearless leader, editorial director Jason Snell. We caught up with him shortly before the five-man iPad panel event and got his impressions of the 'new' Expo. Thanks to Jason for joining us & sharing h...

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Macworld clears up confusion around iPhone 'charge cycles'

In addition to confirming a widespread bug in the iPhone's charging meter, an Apple representative spoke with Macworld's Jason Snell to clear up some confusion surrounding the term 'charge cycle.' A lot of media outlets and iPhone haters are running a little too far with Apple's rating on the iPhone...

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Jason Snell spends a week with Apple TV

Jason Snell, Macworld Editorial Director, has spent the last week with an Apple TV and shares with us his thoughts. Why am I linking to yet another Apple TV review, you wonder? You see, Jason previously had a Mac mini hooked up to his HDTV, so he compares that experience with that offered by Apple'...

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Macworld on what you need to know about iTV

We may not know when Apple will be shipping the iTV, or what it will be called, or what all it can do, but that won't stop us from talking about it. I mean, we know even less about the iPhone and lots of Mac websites parrot on about that ad nauseum (TUAW being no exception). Jason Snell and Dan Frak...

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Macworld's first look at the MacBook

Jason Snell gets to play with all the cool toys.  I suppose it doesn't hurt when you're paid to do it (when is AOL going to get me a MacBook, huh?). Anyway, Jason has put together another one of his patented 'first looks' for the MacBook (he got one of each hue). Jason says there are two thing...

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