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See how the Napa earthquake affected Jawbone users' sleep

If you're one of the many iPhone users with a Jawbone UP strapped to your wrist, you might be used to seeing pretty standard peaks and valleys on your sleep charts. Not so for many in Northern California who were awoken by the rumblings of one of the largest earthquakes to hit the area in several ...

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Mini Jambox pre-orders start tomorrow

Most smartphone users are familiar with the fine quality of Jawbone's Bluetooth headsets, but they expanded into the speaker market in 2010 with a wireless speaker and speakerphone. The US$179.99 Jambox hit the market running in time for the holiday season and later the $299.99 Big Jambox was intr...

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Using Jawbone UP with MyFitnessPal to track your calories and workouts

MyFitnessPal is a fitness platform that is part calorie counter, part fitness goal tracker and part exercise journal. It compiles a wealth of information about your fitness program and makes it accessible on the web and your iOS device. With Jawbone's recent update, you can now share some of that ...

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Jawbone acquires BodyMedia

BodyMedia, the makers of a few fitness trackers that work directly with the iPhone and other smartphones, has announced that it has been acquired by Jawbone, creators of the popular Up motion tracker and other Bluetooth headsets and accessories. Techcrunch's "reliable sources" say the deal was clo...

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Jawbone releases Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker

If you're in the market for a portable hi-fi sound system, Jawbone has announced its US$299 Big Jambox speaker, which vows to turn any Bluetooth-capable mobile device into a sophisticated sound system. One of the neat things about the speaker is that you can hook it to a computer and download...

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Jawbone refunds all UP purchasers whether they return the device or not

Complaints over the durability (or lack thereof) of Jawbone's UP wristband have led the company to the unusual move of promising refunds to all customers -- even if they decline to return the device to Jawbone. Jawbone says current UP owners can keep their wristbands, according to TechCrunch, s...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Can I use bluetooth with Siri?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Auntie, you did a great job on the Siri book. I plan to work my way through it to maximize the use of Siri. You indicate a Bluetooth headset can be used to communicate with Siri. I've never had one but I'd like to keep the iPhone in my pants pocket and be able to talk to Siri ...

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Jawbone Up wristband sensor: Design for your health

Jawbone is well-known for its stylish Bluetooth headsets, but the company's forthcoming Jawbone Up is designed for a completely different task -- tracking your activity, sleeping, and eating activities. Packaged in an attractive wristband that comes in a range of bright colors, the Up is load...

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Hands on with the Jawbone ICON

I recently tested out the new Jawbone ICON Bluetooth earpiece. It's a small hands-free earbud device that you wear in your ear, and talk while on-the-go. At a cost of US$99, the unit provides support for both calls and A2DP-based audio. You can listen to your music and podcasts via the earpiece as ...

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Jawbone brings new, very iPhone friendly headset to market

Jawbone has a new, feature rich Bluetooth headset called the ICON that is a nice match for the iPhone. New to this headset is a battery meter that displays on the iPhone, something the Apple Bluetooth headset also did. The Apple headset was quietly discontinued last spring after disappointing sales ...

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Jawbone: Get ticketed, get a discount

Who says crime doesn't pay? Aliph, makers of the ultra-cool noise-reducing Jawbone Bluetooth headset, have come up with a great marketing scheme. If you live in California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, or Washington -- all states with laws requiring hands-free use of ...

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iLounge reviews Apple Bluetooth Headset

Those unstoppable cats over at iLounge (whom I am convinced are using genetically modified oompa loompas) have gone and reviewed themselves an Apple Bluetooth Headset. For $129, you get a pretty darn sleek headset that one-ups the competition by including only a single button for control (or perh...

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Get a Jawbone with your iPhone

One of our Weblogs, Inc. designers sent a Twitter the other day bragging that his new Aliph Jawbone had appeared on his doorstep. After a quick Google search, I realized he wasn't talking about a new part of his anatomy, but rather a hot little Bluetooth headset. They don't get slicker than this-- n...

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