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Musician John Mayer shares his thoughts on Steve Jobs

In a recent blog post, Grammy award winning artist John Mayer recalls his eight-year relationship with Steve Jobs. It's an interesting story about the Apple CEO that shows the gracious side of his personality, a trait that's not often discussed. Mayer met Steve Jobs in 2003 when Mayer called ...

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Breakaway 1.7

If you frequent the library (or quiet places) then Breakaway could be a god-send. You'll never be afraid of your headphones becoming unplugged when you have John Mayer playing loudly in iTunes. If you have ever used an iPod, then you know that when you unplug your headphones while playing a song it ...

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John Mayer found cheating on Apple, again

John Mayer has been closely related with Apple for years. He has played after multiple keynotes and he got his MacBook Air earlier than anyone else. I wonder how Apple feels about his latest blog posting? Yeah, that's right, his new cell phone is a... erm, how should I put this nicely... a Blackberr...

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John Mayer's calls to Steve Jobs no longer returned

John, John. OK, dude, behind the sensitive rock star/guitar god front, we know you're a not-so-secret Mac geek. Sure, you jammed out to Message In A Bottle with the Police at Live Earth, but wasn't it just as big a thrill to be onstage for a legendary Stevenote? Wasn't it good, John? Good enough for...

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Apple announces 100 million iPods sold

Apple today announced the sale of 100 million iPods. This surely brings a smile to Dr. Evil, Apple enthusiasts, and shareholders alike as the first iPod was sold a mere five and a half years ago in November 2001. Quoth Steve Jobs from Apple's press release: "At this historic milestone, we want to th...

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