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Jony Ive named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world

Time magazine's annual list of the top 100 most influential people in the world is out and Apple design guru Jony Ive made the list. Ive's write-up in the magazine was penned by none other than U2 frontman Bono, who you might remember had a particularly close relationship with Steve Jobs and a l...

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Entire Apple design team receives award in London

Apple's design team was named the best design studio of the last 50 years by D&D, and, according to the London Evening Standard, the whole design team was on hand to accept the prestigious Design and Art Direction (D&D) award. In honor of the award, Apple flew the entire 16-member team ...

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Jony Ive's knighting ceremony

Apple designer Jony Ive was knighted today in a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace, according to a BBC News UK report. It's an honor he said was "absolutely thrilling." Ive's knighthood was announced late last year and the ceremony took place on Wednesday. The famed Apple designer shared some...

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London Evening Standard interviews Jony Ive

The London Evening Standard interviewed famed Apple designer Jonathan Ive. As the man credited with the industrial design of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, Ive's name is well-known, but his face is not as public as CEO Tim Cook or Phil Schiller. This exclusive interview paints a personal picture of Ive...

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Jonathan Ive gets a knighthood

The UK's New Year's Honours list is out, and there's a familiar (well-muscled) figure on it. Apple's design lead Jonathan Ive has received the honorary title of Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE). Ive was honored as a Commander of the British Empire in 2005, but now he can legitimately...

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Samsung to depose Jony Ive, other Apple designers

Samsung is set to depose Jonathan Ive and other Apple designers by December 1st. The depositions are in preparation for the July 2012 trial that will decide the outcome of the plethora of lawsuits the two companies have filed against each other. Originally the depositions were supposed to be do...

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iPod 10th anniversary: Apple design exhibit at MKG Hamburg

Since we're celebrating a decade of iPod today, it's a perfect time to share our photos from the Stylectrical exhibition at the MK&G museum in Hamburg, Germany. This collection features scores of Apple products (largely from the reign of design chief Jonathan Ive) alongside some of the indu...

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Exhibition of Apple design debuts in German museum

During the Steve Jobs II era at Apple, the company's product priorities focused on ease of use, delighting and surprising the customer, and of course the incredible design aesthetic that we all know and love. That design philosophy has been championed and executed by the industrial design team ...

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Rumors of Jon Ive moving to the UK reportedly false

Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice president of product design, has no plans to take his talents back to the United Kingdom, an in-depth profile of the designer in the Daily Mail revealed last week. Recent speculation suggested the 44-year-old planned to cash in his US$30 million in Apple stock opt...

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Ive due $30m stock windfall, may seek relocation back to UK

Other than Steve Jobs' brain, the mind most clearly at work in Apple's history of compelling and human-centric products belongs to Jonathan 'Jony' Ive, 44. After joining Apple in 1992, he rose to become the company's senior vice president of product design and has contributed his own clean, minima...

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Make a free Apple-oriented Christmas Creche

If you've got a bit of time on your hands before Christmas (yeah, that could happen), you might want to build a Christmas Creche using a bunch of Apple favorites and pundits to witness the birth of the iPad. Our Dutch friends at One More Thing have put together a free print, cut and glue kit, where...

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Jonathan Ive on Apple's material obsessions

Core77 had a chat with Apple's Jonathan Ive about the iPhone 4 and the materials that it's made out of, and Ive says that the process is very holistic; Apple has really gone from start to finish with the types of metal and glass that make up the latest iPhone, and they've worked at every step of the...

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You've come a long way, Jonathan Ive

It's gotta be tough for a guy who designs the sexiest devices on the planet. No, not the million-dollar paycheck or the international fame and fortune. When you're one of the world's top designers, you must make sure your image portrays cool and sexy. If you're a built guy with a shaved head and an...

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Jonathan Ive buys a couple of iPads

Steve Jobs wasn't the only one paying a visit to an Apple Store on iPad launch day. Jonathan Ive, Apple's top industrial designer, was snapped buying two of his own products at an Apple Store on April 3rd. It's not clear which store the above pictures were taken in, but you can clearly see the fo...

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Continuity: Executive succession plans in history

We all know that Steve Jobs will eventually leave Apple, and Apple's executive team has a responsibility to draft a succession plan to help minimize the turmoil when that day comes. To figure out what Apple might do, we can look to the past for other examples. Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 ...

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