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Voice behind antennagate song records a patent ditty

Remember that awesome antennagate song? You know, the one that was screened at the start of Apple's July 16th 2010 press conference all about the iPhone 4's antenna. Well..., Jonathon Mann, the guy who wrote and recorded it for his song-a-day project, has released another Apple-centric ditty. The...

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TUAW's Daily App: Songatron

You may remember Jonathan Mann as "that guy who wrote that song Steve played at the Apple event," but of course Mr. Mann is a talented and extremely experienced musician and songwriter who's been churning out a song every single day over on his Songatron website. He's released an app with the sam...

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The Pocket God Update Song, by Jonathan Mann

Pocket God is still rolling along. It was one of the first big original iPhone games out there, and more than any other title on the App Store, Bolt Creative has been able to both keep the app popular with constant updates and content additions, and even license the app elsewhere in the form of c...

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