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Adonit's Jot is a stylish, precise stylus for the iPad

A few months ago I reviewed the Adonit Writer, a superb keyboard case for the iPad. The Writer was the debut product from Adonit, and it's since released an updated version for the iPad 2. Apparently Adonit was just getting started, because it's nearly ready to launch a new product, the Jot. ...

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TUAW makes Joy of Tech cameo

Well color us red: TUAW reader loki capret tipped us off that we've been honored with a cameo appearance in the latest Joy of Tech! The comic (their latest as of this writing) features Apple's keynote command bunker, and you can imagine everything they need to keep track of in such a top secret and ...

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Joy of Tech with marketing advise for Microsoft's 'iPod Killer'

Joy of Tech has put together a rather humorous comic offering some marketing advice to Microsoft to aid their iPod Killer in its quest. Tips include celebrity endorsements, siphoning Gates' fortune and a contest to win a date with *ahem* Miss iPod Killer. My advice? Instead of naming it Argo, why no...

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