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Heyday: A wonderful, well-designed personal journal app for iPhone

As I get older – and I'm already older than dirt compared to most of my fellow TUAW-ites – I find that it's more important to me to capture memories of what's going on in my life. I've been an avid journalist (one who writes a personal journal) since the early 2000s, and Day One is one o...

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Log anxiety attacks, take control of them with Worry Watch

Worry Watch is an app that acts as a journal for tracking moments of worry, anxiety or panic. You log moments throughout your day when you're feeling anxious or nervous and what the outcome eventually was. Overtime, the app shows you a break-down of all your moments of anxiety to help you better ...

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Menote is yet another diary app

Your iPhone or iPad can make remarkably handy devices to chronicle your life with. Diary and note taking apps can make the process easier and perhaps even fun. But not all diary apps are equal. Menote is YADA-Yet Another Diary App. It's free, relatively good looking, but awkward to use and has lim...

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Day One launches Publish, adds social networks to the mix (updated)

Tomorrow, the Day One iPhone app (US$4.99) is going to get a big update and today Paul Mayne and the Day One team unveiled a critical part of that update -- Publish. Update: Actually, the Day One update to version 1.13 is already live today, March 11. Note that Publish is still only available for ...

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Narrato for iPhone is a full-featured journal app

Narrato (US$3.99) is a handy and feature-rich journal app for the iPhone. Not only can you use Narrato to record your thoughts, feelings and photos, but it also connects to many social media tools so you can populate the resulting "lifestream" with your comings-and-goings easily. In more of a passiv...

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Daily iPad App: Q & A Diary - Roller Journal uses questions to keep your journal entries lively

Keeping a daily journal can be difficult, especially when you run out of things to write about. Journaling fans who need a creative kick should check out Roller Journal, a question-and-answer-based diary app for iOS. Roller Journal is a full-featured journaling app that prompts you to answer ...

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Day One 1.8 adds photos, geotagging, more

My favorite app for both iOS and Mac, Day One (US$4.99), has received an update to version 1.8 that adds a number of features to inspire your imagination in personal journaling. The iOS version is now available, while the Mac edition is still in progress. What's new in Day One? The app now ad...

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Taposé brings Microsoft Courier to the iPad

Want to get a taste of what the split-screen Microsoft Courier would be like if it was released? No? Me neither, but your disinterest in the Courier shouldn't stop you from checking out Taposé from Zanther, Inc, a unique and exciting split-screen productivity app that just hit the iOS Ap...

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My Wonderful Days makes journaling easy

My Wonderful Days is a US$0.99 journaling app that makes recording your thoughts incredibly easy. It's designed to let you quickly jot down your activities and rate your feelings using a happiness meter. There's no pressure to write long passages on your iPhone or iPod touch. It's all about cap...

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Win one of 10 copies of Logbook

Cory took a look at Transmissions' Logbook app last week. Designed for your Logbook on Backpack: The application gives you a simple user interface with which you can update your status and add completed tasks. If you're having a hard time remembering to update your Journal, have Logbook remind you ...

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First Look: Logbook for Mac

If you frequently use 37Signal's Backpack web software, then chances are you don't like having to open a new web browser tab/window each time you wish to update your Journal. Logbook hopes to ease your woes by updating your Backpack Journal directly from your Mac OS X Menu Bar. The application give...

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Mémoires: simple journaling

Mémoires is a modest piece of software with modest ambitions, but this simple journaling software brings off those aims with style and aplomb. It's basically a diary program with a calendar that helps you keep track of the entries. In many ways this approach is more or less the opposite of t...

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TUAW Tip: get more control when creating new Journler entries

While poking around at my favorite new app for getting a lot of my writing done, I found a way to enable a bit more control when creating new entries. By default, Journler has this 'Use quick entry creation' preference checked under the Advanced pane, which allows you to create a new entry using t...

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TUAW Podcast #24: Journler

[Update 2: The direct download link is working fine now, and I pinged the iTunes Store to check our podcast feed again, so it'll take a little time for them The iTunes Store feed has updated so we're good to go. I hope you enjoy the podcast - and of course Journler if you give it a whirl - and pl...

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Journler 2.1 beta previews massive upgrade

Philip Dow has announced a significant update to Journler, his feature-packed writing/digital junk drawer app that topped my list of apps that help you get organized. As far as what's new, Philip stated in the beta download forum thread that there are simply too many changes to list (hopefully he m...

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