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Tag: JoyOfTech

TUAW looks back at Stevenotes past

As Apple watchers, TUAW staffers tend to congregate in San Francisco each January for Macworld Expo. Until recently, the central event of each Expo was the Stevenote. Since TUAW bloggers have covered our fair share, I've collected some memories of Macworld Expo's Keynote Speeches. We'll start wit...

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Joy of Tech creates Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator

Did you ever have one of those days where it seems like everyone is getting an email from Steve Jobs but you? Well, worry no more! The Joy of Tech has created the Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator. Using a series of drop-down menus, you can compose an email to Steve Jobs, like mine to the right. Then...

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Perspective, courtesy of Joy of Tech

There's a bit of a celebration/commiseration hangover here in the US of A today, with the exact taste depending on your point of view. As always, the fine duo behind the Joy of Tech comic have distilled the Internet's mood down to a four-panel screenful of truth. Regardless of your political persuas...

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Joy of Tech hits 1000th episode

Here at TUAW we're fans of Joy of Tech; we post about the great Mac web comic often, and even have had a cameo. So we can't let the 1000th episode go by without comment, especially since they're also running a giveaway to mark the occasion. Prizes include signed books from Woz and David Pogue as wel...

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Joy of Tech and iPhone accessories

The folks at Joy of Tech posted a funny one recently that makes predictions about the forthcoming iPhone accessory industry. They suggest cramming one inside an old Newton case, among others. You laugh, but I bet it happens. If you're the first person to wedge your iPhone into the case of an old Mes...

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How to buy Vista, Joy of Tech style

We don't link to Joy of Tech that often, because if we did we'd end up doing it pretty much every day (cue Carly Simon... Noooobody doooes it bettah...). When the readers start giving us the heads-up that Nitrozac and Snaggy have produced something especially trenchant and wry, though, we are bound ...

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TUAW makes Joy of Tech cameo

Well color us red: TUAW reader loki capret tipped us off that we've been honored with a cameo appearance in the latest Joy of Tech! The comic (their latest as of this writing) features Apple's keynote command bunker, and you can imagine everything they need to keep track of in such a top secret and ...

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Joy of Tech with marketing advise for Microsoft's 'iPod Killer'

Joy of Tech has put together a rather humorous comic offering some marketing advice to Microsoft to aid their iPod Killer in its quest. Tips include celebrity endorsements, siphoning Gates' fortune and a contest to win a date with *ahem* Miss iPod Killer. My advice? Instead of naming it Argo, why no...

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Caption contest Joy of Tech style

So you don't think that the Joy of Tech is funny? Now's your chance to make it so. The Joy of Tech caption contest. You can win some bbq sauce or some fabulously geeky head gear. Just send along a caption for this strip and you're halfway there. Full details here....

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Joy of Tech on the new Apple ads

The Joy of Tech has a tiny tweak to the Get a Mac ads that they would like to see. I won't ruin the punchline, but I have to agree with them. That would get me to buy a few more Macs (they come in six packs, right?). Thanks, Douglas....

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The Joy of Tech sums up my feelings about XP on Macs

I won't give away the punchline, but it made me giggle....

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The rumors dispelled

Nitrozac and Snaggy of the great Joy of Tech comics have finally revealed for us what Steve will be showing off tomorrow. Items include the "Woopie Cushion Pro" (I'm glad we finally have a pro-level edition of this for us power users), the "BudBub" iPod bubble generator (for all ...

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Jumping Steve iTunes plugin

I like iTunes, generally, but there has always been something missing. I often found myself wistfully looking at my iTunes window and thinking, 'You know what this could use? A little more Steve Jobs dancing to my music.' It seems that the evil geniuses (I mean that in the best way possible) behind ...

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