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ExpanDrive 2.0 expands to Amazon S3

I had to do some extensive testing before I got too excited, but after a conversation with the developers I'm pleased to announce that ExpanDrive 2.0 is out. We've mentioned it before, but to recap: ExpanDrive allows you to mount remote servers as drives directly accessible in Finder. With a comple...

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Jungle Disk 2.0 learns to share

Jungle Disk, one of the slickest ways to access your Amazon S3 account, has officially updated to version 2.0. I have two words to say: compatibility and bucket. Compatibility buckets are by far my biggest cause for celebration. You see, I have a disorder that doesn't allow me to do things with just...

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Take your iTunes on the road with WebDAV and S3

Jungle Disk lets you securely store files on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) servers. It runs on your local machine as a WebDAV server, allowing you to access S3 as a remote disk. Today the always wonderful Bruce Stewart blogged about an online post he'd stumbled across which put across the que...

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Two ways to share iCal without .Mac

iCal is great. I love the elegant interface, integration with other applications, and most of all, I love how easy it is to publish and share my calenders though .Mac. Unfortunately, paying 60 bucks a year just so I can share my calenders is just not something I can justify. Lucky for cheapskates li...

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JungleDisk offers a far cheaper, cross-platform, encrypted iDisk

JungleDisk is quite possibly the first serious, easy to set up alternative I've seen to Apple's .Mac iDisk. Using the power of WebDAV, JungleDisk allows you to mount an online, syncing hard drive (with various size options available) on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and save and access data to and f...

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