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Charging products from JustMobile: Review and giveaway

JustMobile's line of accessories that look like they could have rolled out of a lab in Cupertino just got a bit larger with the addition of two new car chargers -- the Highway Duo (US$39.95) and the Highway Max ($29.95) -- and a trio of Lightning charging cables; the AluCable, the AluCable Mini, a...

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Just Mobile AluDisc and AluPocket: Review and giveaway

Just Mobile is an accessory design shop with a difference: they love to do most of their work in Jony Ive's favorite material, aluminum. Recently the company announced two new products: the AluDisc (US$69.95) for iMac and Thunderbolt Display and the AluPocket ($29.95) for iPhone. Both are solid ad...

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Just Mobile delivers AluPocket and AluDisc, two new high-design accessories

Erich Huang and the team at Just Mobile don't seem to be getting any rest these days. The company is well-known for its line of well-built aluminum accessories for Apple products, and it was only about a month ago that TUAW reviewed the HeadStand headphone stand, AluCup dock for iPhone and the Alu...

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Just Mobile's HeadStand, AluCup and AluFrame: Accessories that organize, protect

As the Northern Hemisphere of the planet wakes up from winter, accessory manufacturers are coming to life with some new or revised products. One of those companies, Just Mobile, has released a crop of accessories that can help to organize your workspace and protect your iPhone 5. There's the Al...

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Just Mobile's AluBase and AluRack give your MacBook a new place to live

A few weeks ago, TUAW featured an Engadget interview with Erich Huang and Nils Gustafsson of Just Mobile, a design firm that specializes in creating accessories to compliment your Apple products. The company uses materials in its products that are as identical as possible to those used in offic...

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Just Mobile talks about working with Apple

Just Mobile is an Apple accessory manufacturer that has produced some very unique, award-winning products for Mac and iOS devices. Our sister site Engadget recently had an opportunity to sit down with Just Mobile co-founders Erich Huang and Nils Gustafsson, talk about the company's relationship...

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Enter to win a trio of mobile accessories from Just Mobile

It's July, and TUAW is starting off the American and Canadian summer holiday week with a review and giveaway of three useful accessories from Just Mobile. Highway Pro The Highway Pro (US$39.95 MSRP) is hands-down the nicest-looking car charger I've ever seen. Featuring a knurled aluminum ca...

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JustMobile Gum Plus packs a lot of power in a small package

There are a lot of external battery packs available for iPhones, but how about one that can recharge your iPhone up to four times? The US$69.95 JustMobile Gum Plus is an attractive and powerful little battery pack, holding a whopping 4400 mAh of power in its aluminum case and charging just about any...

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TUAW review and giveaway: Just Mobile AluPen stylus

When it comes to the iOS experience, many purists insist that the finger is the only proper interface device on the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, eschewing styluses as an anachronistic journey back to the days of the original PalmPilot. But for those who need to sign documents or draw detailed diagr...

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