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'iSteve', Funny or Die's satirical biopic of Steve Jobs, is now available online

After delaying the release of iSteve due to the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon this week, the Steve Jobs parody film went live on Funny or Die's website late on Tuesday. With a run time of 78 minutes, iSteve offers what promises to be a uniquely comedic, if not inaccurate, take on the App...

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Funny or Die delays launch of iSteve movie until April 17

Funny or Die has delayed the premiere of iSteve, a movie about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The short film was scheduled to debut on April 15, but the tragic bombing in Boston prompted the comedy website to reschedule the film. According to Funny or Die's website, iSteve is now ex...

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Watch the trailer for Funny or Die's upcoming iSteve biopic

Will Ferrell's comedy website, Funny or Die, is working on a biopic of Steve Jobs starring Justin Long, who played opposite John Hodgman in Apple's popular "Get a Mac" advertising campaign. Titled iSteve, the hour-long film will make its debut on April 15th on the Funny or Die website. To pro...

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Justin Long to play Steve Jobs in Funny or Die biopic parody

For years, actor Justin Long played the Mac to John Hodgman's PC in Apple's US TV advertising. Now Long is starring as Steve Jobs in a biopic parody due from the comedy website Funny or Die on April 15, 2013. Ryan Perez, the writer and director of the upcoming iSteve, said that "in true inter...

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No Comment: Justin Long's jailbroken iPhone

Either way, this iconic image of the Mac pitchman with his jailbroken iPhone merits a resounding No Comment. Video clip in the second half of the post. Thanks to Riyan for the picture....

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Video tribute to the Get a Mac ad campaign

Last month we reported that Justin Long, who plays Mac in the Get a Mac ads, hinted that the advertising campaign had come to an end. Now it seems confirmed; the ads, first broadcast in 2006, can't even be found on the Apple page. Instead, the usual link now takes you to a page explaining the rea...

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Get your Mac and PC Cubee cutouts here

Got some time to kill at the office today? Steal some heavy weight paper from the supply closet and print out your very own Cubee cutouts of Mac and PC. The cutouts are designed by Jay Hauf, and they work best when you download the 1482 x 1173 versions and print them on heavy stock letter pape...

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PC tells Mac -- "Get a Mac" ads might be done

Justin Long, who plays Mac in the Get a Mac ads, has told The Onion's A.V. Club that he believes the Get a Mac ad campaign has come to an end. When The Onion asked Justin what the status was on the Apple ads, he replied, "You know, I think they might be done. In fact, I heard from John, I think t...

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Adweek Media's Campaign of the Decade: Apple's Get a Mac ads

As Apple fans, we've loved Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign. With Justin Long as the cool, laid-back Mac and John Hodgman starring as the stodgy, uptight PC, the ads have managed to make us laugh since they first appeared in 2006. The campaign has spawned the "I'm a PC" response ads from Microsoft, ...

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Justin Long: PC User?

We've gotten a few tips over the last 24 hours suggesting that 'Mac' -- actor Justin Long, of the I'm a Mac, I'm a PC ad campaign -- made a shopping trip to a Cupertino-area Best Buy and surprisingly, in a bit of a CLM, pooh-poohed the available Apple hardware: [Best Buy's John] Beck said that he sh...

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Apple ad spoofs with PC as the protagonist

This one has been climbing up the bloggeist for a few weeks, and it's a fine apertif for the start of the holiday weekend. Copywriter Laurie McGuinness, moonlighting as a commercial parody director, made a series of four Mac/PC ad spoofs in early 2007, with PC as the businesslike, successful protago...

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Justin Long in Live Free or Die Hard

Mac: "Hello, I'm a Mac" PC: "Hello, I'm a PC" Mac: "Run!!!!!!" Fans of the "I'm a Mac" "I'm a PC" campaign will be delighted to learn that Justin Long (aka "Mac") will appear in the upcoming Bruce Willis blockbuster "Live Free Die Hard" in which, we presume, he will be reprising his role as "Mac" o...

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Justin Long a Mac no longer?

Radar Online is reporting that Justin Long, the actor who plays the part of the Mac in Apple's Get a Mac campaign, is no longer an Apple spokesman. A new round of ads is being worked on with John Hodgman (the PC) and director Phil Morrison but Justin Long with not appear in them, according to his 'p...

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Justin Long on 'Get a Mac' ads, being harassed

In an interview more about his career (rather than Apple nerdery), Justin ("hi I'm a Mac") Long managed to wax ecstatic with Mary McNamara of the LA Times about 'the ads' and what they've done for (or rather: to) his career. He had stories to tell of being harassed on the street by people who might ...

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New Apple ads mean spirited?

Seth Stevenson, writing for Slate, makes a good point about the new Apple ads: John Hodgman (the actor portraying the PC) gets all the good lines. He's the funny, likable one. The Mac (played by Justin Long) is kind of annoying and not the least bit funny. Sadly, I don't think Apple counted on Hodg...

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