TUAW Talkcast, July 31, 2011: Practically August edition!

Like it or not kids, we've come up on another Sunday night, and you know what that means: Talkcast Time! We have some fake Apple stores to discuss, some beautiful hacks for our shiny new formerly [ROARDACTED] operating system, and my personal favorite, a bit of speculation! Ah, theories. I love t...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 PM EDT/7 PM PDT: Father's Day Edition!

Happy Father's Day! If you've made it through all the grilling and presentations of soap on a rope, join me for this week's Talkcast! We shall cover the news of the last week, including the grand debut of the unlocked iPhone and the possibility of the iPhone replacing the iPod touch. Of course, n...

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Talkcast, 7PM PST/10PM EST: Verizon iPhones and The Daily

If it's Sunday night, it must be Talkcast time! Tonight's live show will likely include a sprinkling of Macworld chat, along with other newsy bits from the week. We had Verizon iPhones line up for pre-order, The Daily launch event and another wave of iPad 2 rumors. Also, don't forget that Kelly host...

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Dreaming of the iPad 2: One geek's wishlist

Last night on the TUAW talkcast, Kelly asked me to speculate about what the mythical upcoming iPad 2 might look like. This was, of course, before preliminary details from Engadget apparently rolled in. In response, I ended up going on a little more in depth than I initially expected. Turns out that...

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