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Tag: KeyboardMaestro

Patch GrowlVoice using Keyboard Maestro to prolong its life

Google recently made some changes to the way Google Voice responds to some requests, and GrowlVoice stopped working. Update (2014-05-10): There is now a much easier way to do this now. See for instructions on patching this which does not require Keyboard Maes...

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Auto-Save Microsoft Word with Keyboard Maestro

In Mac Power Users Episode 187, David Sparks and Katie Floyd talked about word processing apps, which meant talking a great deal about Microsoft Word, as well as Pages and others. Around the 38m40s mark, Katie mentioned that she uses Word a lot in her day job, and has a lot of issues with the app ...

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Keyboard Maestro on sale in Productive Macs bundle plus revised time tracking macro

Before I get into today's main topic, I want to remind you that until November 18th, you can get Keyboard Maestro as part of the current Productive Macs bundle. For $30 you get seven apps, including Keyboard Maestro (normally $36) and another utility I highly recommend, DefaultFolderX which normal...

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A simple Keyboard Maestro macro for plain-text pasting anywhere

Keyboard Maestro can be intimidating at first. I have made some extremely elaborate Keyboard Maestro macros, but today I want to show you the one that I absolutely, positively use most often. Ready? ⌥ + V (Option/Alt + V) Mind-blowing, isn't it? OK, I can see you are not convinced yet. But wait...

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Replicating QuickCursor using BBEdit and Keyboard Maestro

QuickCursor was the first app I bought on the Mac App Store. It was a great utility which let you send text from any application to your favorite text editor, and then when you were done, it would send the text back from your favorite text editor to the original application. For example, if...

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One easy step to writing better bug reports

As someone who uses a lot of different software and tends to find a lot of 'edge cases' I often find myself emailing software developers or filling out support tickets to either ask a question or report a problem. I know it would be helpful to include information about my Mac (both the hardware an...

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Terminally Geeky Time Tracking via Screenshots

A few weeks ago I shared this on Twitter: "Here's an eye-opener: a @keyboardmaestro macro which takes a screenshot every 30 seconds. Review at the end of the day to see where it went." Since then, several people have asked me to share my setup (and a few said it terrified them). It took me a while t...

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Quickly add new Tweetbot mute keyword using Keyboard Maestro

I love me some Twitter, but I find that some days the internet is talking about something I just don't care about. That's where "mute filters"' come in. Tweetbot lets you mute words or phrases and will hide subsequent tweets that match your filter. The problem is that adding a new "mute keyword" ...

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Using Keyboard Maestro 6 to automate a web database

One of my favorite new features in Keyboard Maestro 6 is the ability to click on links in web pages using either Safari or Google Chrome. This new feature let me make an old macro (which was based around trying to click in the right place) a lot more efficient. I'm going to show you how I set thi...

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Use Keyboard Maestro to get ready for podcast recording

When you're in the middle of recording a podcast, chances are you'd like your Mac to be focused on that job -- not other network-hungry activities like syncing Dropbox, or CPU- and disk-intensive tasks like saving a Time Machine backup. Gabe at Macdrifter wrote about his Pause TimeMachine Mac...

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A better Google search experience with Choosy, Keyboard Maestro and Fluid

There are so, so many things that annoy me about Google: Google can remember everything about me except that I want my search results to open in a new window. Google crappifies search results, so that instead of giving me a link to the site that it shows me, it actually gives m...

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Lingon and launchd can keep crucial apps always running

Two years ago I wrote about a shell script that I used with cron to keep 'critical' applications running. Some of the commenters suggested that I "should" be using launchd. There are times when I still prefer cron over launchd but there are two reasons why I have started using launchd more often....

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Keyboard Maestro and the automation mindset

Keyboard Maestro always sounded like a useful app, but I wasn't sure how I would ever use it. Now that I have it, I keep finding new ways to use it. I think Keyboard Maestro is perhaps one of the more difficult apps to explain, because how I use it might vary greatly from how you use it, but onc...

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Apptivate 2.0 adds keystroke sequence shortcuts

There are a plethora of "launcher" apps out there. I've used LaunchBar ($35) since it was released for NeXTStep; other folks seem fond of Alfred (free, with additional powerpack for £12, or about US$20), Butler ($20), Keyboard Maestro ($36) or Google Quick Search Box (free). The venerable but ...

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Ask TUAW: Syncing, custom keyboards, sharing iPhone apps, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got lots of questions about syncing, as well as customized keyboards, sharing iPhone apps, managing iTunes, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcome. Questions for next week should be l...

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