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Raindrops on roses, Lightning adapters, and whiskers on kittens

I own roughly a billion-and-one old-style iPhone and iPod cables, most of them not strictly "Made for iPhone" (MFi). They have seen hard use over the years, but they've been cheap and easy to replace. In February, I finally made the jump to Lightning when I purchased a refurbished pair of an iPad ...

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Antec PowerUp 6000 offers iPad-capable portable power

Mid-June is an odd time of year. Apple's hardware refresh cycle isn't really due until October -- likely six full months away -- so you might consider picking up an external battery pack to use with your current iOS device to tide you over until then. Internal batteries drop in efficiency as devi...

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iPad tops J.D. Power's customer satisfaction survey for second year in a row

Once again, Apple's iPad has topped the J.D. Power and Associates ranking of tablets as it pertains to customer satisfaction. In its most recent survey, J.D. Power surveyed 1,857 tablet users who have owned a tablet for at least one year. The survey measured satisfaction across five factors; ...

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Chitika's March Tablet Update shows iPad usage share rising, still dominating competition

Chitika, the online advertising network, has released its latest Chikita Insights usage share data report for tablets for the March 2013 period. According to the company, based on US and Canadian tablet ad impressions running through the Chitika Ad Network, the iPad still overwhelmingly domin...

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Chitika: Android tablet usage rises in January, iPad still dominates

Chitika's online advertising network does a great job of compiling usage share data by device and browser type over time. The company just released data showing results for tablet device usage share in the month of January, and as expected, the iPad still dominates web traffic in the US and Can...

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Chitika: iPad usage still far outweighs tablet competitors

Mobile ad network Chitika has released a report that says the iPad is still far, far ahead in terms of web usage over any other tablets out there. All you need to really know here is that the iPad isn't even on the chart above -- the chart above shows average impressions on tablets per 100 impr...

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iPad, iPad mini win battery life shootout among tablets

UK consumer watchdog site Which? has tested the world's leading tablets to see how their battery life compares and both the iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini came out on top by a large margin. To be fair to all tablets, Which? took into account the screen size and brightness of each ...

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You're the Pundit: How low will the mini go?

When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the iPad mini's price. The low end Kindle Fire retails at $159 and the HD at $199. (Bezos recently confirmed that their d...

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Apples and Orange: the Kindle Fire HD

A year ago, I compared the new Kindle Fire with the Apple iPad. Fast-forward to last week, when Amazon introduced its new, larger HD model. With low-cost, built-in LTE, and a $50/year data plan that gives users 250 MB of data per month, it provides a budget alternative to the iPad. I've used ...

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IDC: Apple extends lead in tablet market

In a bit of news that should surprise almost nobody, IDC & Macworld reported on Thursday that Apple has increased its market share of units shipped in the tablet market to almost 70 percent worldwide. By the numbers, Apple shipped a total of 17 million iPads in the April to June quarter of 2...

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Amazon announces GameCircle, similar to Apple's GameCenter

Amazon has announced a new service for its Kindle Fire platform called GameCircle, which is akin to Apple's own GameCenter service. It's set to provide a series of APIs for leaderboards, achievements, and other socially-centered game-related features. GameCircle has already been tested with a f...

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iBook Lessons: Picking vendors, price, and exclusivity

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about ebook writing and publishing. There's a dilemma faced by many new ebook authors: how to sell a book for "not much at all" and still earn a decent living. Apple and Amazon policies complicate this decision. Amazon offers a multi-choice royalty system...

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Daily Update for June 5, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Kindle Fire outsells 16 GB iPad at Best Buy (updated)

The Kindle Fire is proving it's a hot seller, having knocked the 16 GB iPad from its perch as the best-selling tablet -- at least on Best Buy's website. There are several factors playing into this: The iPad 2's been around for more than half a year while the Kindle Fire is still new. Unlike o...

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TUAW TV Live: Hot Black Friday deals, tablets on Fire

Wow, TUAW TV Live is going to be hot enough to cook a 22-lb. turkey today. I have a pile (and I mean that literally) of new goodies to show you. I have a taped interview with Dan de Granpre of talking about the great deals you can expect on all sorts of techie toys on Black Friday....

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