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Apple extends warranty coverage on flawed 2008 Time Capsules

Several sites are reporting that Apple has issued a Knowledge Base article in the Support Forums that notes that some Time Capsules sold between February and June of 2008 are subject to a recall eligible for possible repair or replacement due to the problems described. Should you have a Time Capsule...

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Apple document details Target Display mode for 27" iMac

In case you're itching to use that new 27" iMac as a big display for a MacBook, DVD player, or some other device -- and assuming your new unit isn't one of the ones that has shown up DOA or with a cracked screen corner -- Apple has released a knowledge base article gives you the scoop on how to do ...

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Can't upload pix to MobileMe? Apple has a fix for that

If you've been trying to upload a picture from your iPhone to a MobileMe gallery, and are getting the message "Unable to connect to MobileMe" message you're not alone. The problem appears to be related to a bug in user name recognition. Apple has published a KB article dealing with the issue. The pr...

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What happens when your iPhone overheats

The iPhone Blog has posted a screenshot of a warning screen that the iPhone 3G produces when it's over heated. According to Apple, it's totally legit. From the Knowledge Base: "Operate iPhone 3G in a place where the temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F) ... If the in...

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Apple issues one-liner support doc on random MacBook shutdown problem

Apple seems to be *so* happy to finally fess up that this MacBook RSS (Random Shutdown Syndrome) isn't just all in our heads. xlr8yourmac tracked down a new Apple Knowledgebase article that is another amusing one-liner from Apple's support crew: "If your MacBook is shutting down intermittently, plea...

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All your workouts are belong to Nikeplus

We're not sure how a one-sentence support document made it into Apple's support knowledgebase, but this strange doc somehow snuck past the velvet rope. It simply states: "There is no way to remove workout data from the nikeplus website", with a 'stay tuned for more info' bit at the end to finish of...

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Apple KB article: Identifying iPods

There are so many different models of iPods with differing iterations of software on them that it is tough to keep them all straight (even for a big deal Apple pundit like myself). Fret no longer, because this Apple KB article sets you straight on how to tell a first gen iPod from an iPod photo fro...

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Apple KB Article: Power on your Apple product

I may be the only one that enjoys these Apple KB article posts (since I write it and all) but that won't stop me. The latest KB article that tickled my fancy is the 'Power Up Quick Assist.' Besides the above graphic that shows you how to turn on various Apple products (and which I think is pretty c...

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TUAW Tip: Pair your Apple Remote to your Mac

Now that almost every Mac (expect for that odd duck, the Power Mac) sports Front Row and an Apple Remote many more people will find them in a situation I just experienced. I am typing this post on a brand new MacBook (I'll share my opinion about that later today) and I am listening to some music on ...

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Apple KB Article: Why Software updates vary in size

Have you ever wondered why some software updates from Apple are different sizes on different Macs? Shouldn't they all clock in at the same size? That would seem to make sense, but as this Knowledgebase article explains there are very good reasons for the differences (mostly involved whether certain...

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