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Apple supplier LG Display makes huge investment in OLED screens

Don't read anything into this, but Apple supplier LG Display is investing more than US$600 million to build a new production line to make organic LED (OLED) panels in South Korea. Apple CEO Tim Cook panned the use of OLED displays at a Goldman Sachs investor meeting last week, noting that the...

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Apple hires senior OLED researcher away from LG Display

It's not confirmation that we'll ever see Apple devices with OLED displays, but a new hire by the company definitely tips the scale in favor of the technology one day finding a home in iPhones, iMacs and other products. Dr. Jueng–jil "James" Lee, previously behind LG Display's efforts to ...

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Quality issues with LG manufactured panels to blame for iPad 2 shortage

Quality control problems with LCD panels from LG Display may have contributed to the prolonged shortage of the iPad 2. According to the report from Digitimes, early batches of the 9.7-inch panels supplied by LG had a light leak issue that limited LG's ability to meet demand. As a result, LG onl...

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iPad production may be slowed by touchscreen production woes

If you're an international customer who's waiting for an iPad, you're probably a bit anxious about the lack of a solid release date. The problem might not just be unprecedented demand for the iPad in the U.S., but also production issues with the 9.7" touchscreen displays. Andrew Rassweiler, an an...

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Mac Tablet Files: Rumored delay for the rumored device

DigiTimes stories are fun. They just are. Sometimes they provide insight into the components side of tech. Other times they make me wish I hadn't given up my dreams of writing fiction. Today, unnamed sources from unspecified component manufacturers say Apple is postponing the launch of its amazin...

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