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Larry Ellison seems to think Apple has a bleak future without Steve Jobs

In an interview that is set to air today, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison tells Charlie Rose that he believes Apple does not have a bright future without Steve Jobs. In a brief clip that has been released early, Rose asks Ellison about Apple's future. Ellison replies: "Well, we already know. We saw -- ...

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America's Cup book dives into Larry Ellison-Steve Jobs friendship

The San Francisco Chronicle has been running weekly excerpts of The Billionaire and the Mechanic, and today's sample (behind the Chron's paywall) is worth a look. This recently-published nonfiction book, written by Chronicle staffer Julian Guthrie, tells the story of Oracle founder Larry Ellison's...

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Pixar president Dr. Ed Catmull, Oracle's Larry Ellison discuss Steve Jobs

Over the years, Steve Jobs was a big part of the annual D:All Things Digital conference and his presence at the recent D10 was sorely missed. In one long sit-down session, both Pixar President Dr. Ed Catmull and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison talk candidly about their interactions with Jobs and his i...

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Steve Jobs, the moral high ground, and the return to Apple

Adam Lashinsky's CEO of the Decade cover story at Fortune this week pointed out a fascinating "what if" in Apple history. What if Steve Jobs had tried a hostile takeover of Apple? According to the story, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and his friend Steve Jobs were on a beach in Hawaii in '97 when Elli...

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