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The beautifully detailed art of Mac OS X app icons

Over at his blog Cult of Mac, writer Leander Kahney published a post this morning featuring full-size 512 x 512 pixel screenshots of Mac icons. As he notes, the highly detailed icons are part of a move to make the OS resolution independent, but they're also an indication of Apple's attention to deta...

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Mac founding-fathers appear at Welcome to Macintosh screening

This year at Macworld 2009, two documentary films about the Mac held screenings. While we didn't have anyone on-site at MacHEADS, a few of us were fortunate enough to attend Thursday night's screening of Welcome to Macintosh. Welcome to Macintosh, a documentary by Josh Rizzo and Rob Baca, chronicl...

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Leander Kahney and Apple sitting in a tree

Today Wired reporter Leander Kahney did the unthinkable: he admitted that he loves a multinational corporation that is incapable of every returning that love. Good thing the giant corporation he loves is Apple or I'd be forced to think there was something wrong with him. Leander points to the elegan...

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Wired on the Apple media backlash

Leander Kahney takes on all the recent Apple hating in this column today at Wired.com. He asserts that Apple, as a company, gets a lot of attention from the media at large for a number of reasons. Apple is seen as the 'thought leader,' where its hardware goes other PC makers usually follow. The down...

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