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iblazr wants to bring more professional lighting to your iOS photos

Someone at Apple is probably going to put my name on yet another blacklist, but it has to be said -- the iPhone camera flash sucks. In general, it doesn't have enough power to light up subjects that are more than just a few feet away, there's no way to adjust the temperature of the light, and ... ...

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Flashy notifications from Flashr Kickstarter project

LED notifications -- the flashing reminders of incoming calls, waiting voicemail or text messages -- are often cited by Android users as an essential advantage over the iPhone. A dedicated LED on the front bezel of many Android devices lets you know when you have something to attend to without ...

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Yellowing issues with the iPhone 4's camera

There's more trouble for the iPhone 4. Some users are reporting that poor white balance is affecting some of their photos; specifically, indoor shots taken, both, with and without the LED flash have a predominately yellow hue. This typically happens when a digital camera has trouble reading the type...

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