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Does Thunderbolt fortell the end of the line for the Mac Pro as we know it?

Xsan integrator Meta Media has an interesting series of posts on its Empowering Creativity blog about what it sees as the future -- or rather the lack of a future -- for Apple's Mac Pro line. The arrival of the Thunderbolt interface, Meta Media says, will allow Apple to return to its beloved ...

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Thunderbolt: Apple and Intel's new interconnect

It's been a while getting here -- Intel first demoed Light Peak at IDF in September 2009 -- but the first production laptops featuring the new, rebranded Thunderbolt interface are about to ship, in the form of shiny new MacBook Pros. Thunderbolt's raw speed (10 Gbps) and purported simplicity wi...

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Leaked photos show 13-inch MacBook Pro, some specs

MacRumors has what appear to be genuine images of the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. A consensus in the TUAW newsroom says that this appears to be the real deal with the current box matching the previous MacBook Pro release other than the addition of Thunderbolt. The specs as listed include:...

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MacBook Pros to have better battery and HD screens, white MacBook finished

Rumors of the imminent MacBook Pro refresh are gaining even further momentum. So far, we've heard reports that the new, upcoming MacBook Pros will sport larger trackpads, weigh slightly less than the current models and have a 8 - 16 GB SSD boot drive to house Mac OS X (everything else will be s...

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Intel and Apple to launch Light Peak as Thunderbolt in the MacBook Pro

According to CNET, Intel is holding a press event on Thursday to launch its Light Peak technology. Light Peak is a high-speed connection technology that lets a single interface replace the SCSI, SATA, USB, FireWire and PCI Express ports on a computer. The technology was introduced in 2009 and...

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Apple patent suggests MagSafe connector that supports data

Apple recently filed a patent for a product described as "Magnetic Connector with Optical Signal Path." The patent filing describes a MagSafe-style cable that would provide both data and power to a device. The power cable would connect magnetically and contain additional internal pins allowing for t...

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Why native USB 3.0 for Mac won't happen

Mac Life has put together an interesting article on why we probably won't see USB 3.0 natively on the Mac. It's worth a read, but the long and short of it is this: Light Peak -- the ultra fast 10 Gbps, one size fits all (USB, Ethernet, FireWire, SATA and PCI Express) optical cable replacement that's...

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New MacBook Pro could arrive in April 2011 with SSD, Light Peak, no DVD

Update Put your checkbooks away, folks. Electronista has all but debunked this rumor. By crunching the numbers, they confirmed that (at today's prices at least), such a MacBook Pro could easily be priced out of the market. Read on and dream, but don't expect this machine to appear on your desk an...

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Is Apple behind the development of Intel's Light Peak?

If the relationship between Apple and Mac CPU provider Intel was any closer, the two companies might have to start labeling their record collections and discussing whether to keep the wagon wheel table. In an intriguing technology demonstration last week, it was pointed out that the in-development I...

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