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Apple addresses Lion server issues with new technotes

If you run Lion server and have problems with podcast streaming or want to view local volumes on your server, you'll want to read two new technotes on Apple's support site. Spotted by MacNN, they will tell you how to setup https to serve up podcasts and how you can tweak your settings to view a m...

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OS X Lion bug may affect Windows file sharing

A bug has been discovered in OS X Lion Server that appears when a user tries to share a file with extended attributes with a Windows XP or Windows 7 system. The bug was first discovered by Steve Maser, a senior systems administrator at the University of Michigan's Office of Technology Transfer....

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OS X Lion Server: Making servers accessible to all

One of the amazing things about the Lion announcement a few months ago was OS X Lion Server, which Apple said would be available for $49.99. That's the lowest cost for any version of Mac OS X Server by a wide margin, and a price point that might make some people think twice about whether they'd b...

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Lion Server to be a $50 download from Mac App Store

In the past, if you wanted to set up a Mac OS X-based server, you bought a separate DVD with an expensive license. In the case of Snow Leopard Server, that license was $499 for an unlimited number of users. Now, it appears that Lion Server is going to be a $49.99 set of apps that you'll purchas...

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