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Daily iPhone App: Wizardlings doesn't quite live up to its reputation

Wizardlings has quite the pedigree: Not only was it published by Square Enix (who are of course legendary for their JRPGs), but it was created by Liv Games, the great indie company behind the iOS hits Legendary Wars and Monster Wars. Unfortunately, Wizardlings is a pretty simple app designed fo...

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Daily iPad App: Monster Wars is a great addition to Legendary Wars series

I first saw Monster Wars a little while ago at Macworld as Liv Games was just publishing it, but the title has been out for a little while now and I've had a little longer to play with it. Monster Wars is not only another huge content pack for Legendary Wars, with tons of new stages, modes and uni...

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Liv Games releases Monster Wars on iOS at Macworld | iWorld 2012

I first met Liv Games' Orian Livnat at last year's Macworld, where he showed me a wild game called Legendary Wars that mashed up a number of different genres and ideas in a mix created by Livnat and his family and friends. At the time I thought the game was a really interesting idea, but even I di...

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TUAW's Daily App: Legendary Wars

I got to see Legendary Wars at Macworld last week, and it's a fun title. It has a good mix of many different game genres and a lot of solid game content to explore. At its core, Legendary Wars is a fantasy-based real-time strategy game, but there's a Plants vs. Zombies feel to it as you summon vari...

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