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TUAW Talkcast: Closing Ceremonies Edition

Wow, it's hard to believe that the two weeks of the 2012 London Olympic Games are over. Tonight, while North America is being treated to the spectacle of a parade of aging British pop stars, you can join in on the fun of a TUAW Talkcast. There's no specific topic tonight: instead, it will be ...

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TUAW event chat for readers

TUAW isn't just a blog, it's a community. Want to chat with other TUAW readers during tomorrow's Apple event? Join us in the #tuaw chatroom on irc.freenode.net. Kevin Avila (eddienull) will be moderating. We'll be starting the chat around 9:30 PT, with our metaliveblog coverage kicking off at 10PT....

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Live Chat: Celebrate the worldPad with TUAW

Did you felt left out in April when the iPad hit the US? Well, we at TUAW haven't forgotten you! Please join us today as we discuss all things iPad as Apple's latest gadget goes global. Welcome to our World Wide iPad chat! If you've just received an iPad or have one on order, then this is the cha...

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Celebrate your WorldWidePad: Live Chat Friday

worldPad Feliz iPadidad! Buon' iPad! KonishiPad! iPad Ace Beauty Mate! Ni xaoPad, eh! Grüsspad! The iPad has finally gone World Wide -- and TUAW is there. Please join us Friday at 7PM Euro for our live world iPad chat with authors Erica Sadun and Steve Sande as we talk about all things new...

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Chat live during the iPad 3G release

You waited, you waited, and you waited. And now some of you finally got your new iPad 3G. Sure, most of you had to remain patient while us Wi-Fi owners preened and showed off our new babies. And some of you are still waiting for the next ship date (the "arrives by" in May). For some of you, thoug...

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TUAW TV Live: Macworld 2010 post-Expo show, OWLE bubo, and more

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! Today on TUAW TV Live we'll be talking about Macworld Expo 2010, the OWLE bubo, camera apps for the iPhone, and any other topics that happen to hit host Steve Sande's fancy. Some of the camera apps that we'll be discussing include Lo-Mob, ...

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Join us Friday for a TUAW livechat: App promotion clinic

Are you an App Store developer? Looking to learn how to promote your application? Join us on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 12PM Eastern Time (9 AM Pacific Time) for an informal marketing clinic right here on TUAW. We'll be chatting about marketing and promoting apps. On hand, we'll have experts Brian ...

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Join us Friday at 2 ET for a TUAW Hackintosh Clinic

Did you get in on the recent Dell Mini 10v hackintoshable laptop deal? (Even if you didn't, that $279 regular pricing is still a pretty darn good deal.) Now that Black Friday minis are showing up at the door, TUAW is holding a live Hackintosh clinic to offer peer support and insight. Join Joachim Be...

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Saurik live chat: Learn about Apple's new signature server

Something new, unexpected, and possibly worrying has popped up in iTunes. iTunes now "calls home" to the Apple mothership whenever you restore an iPhone or iPod touch. It tells you that it's "Verifying restore with Apple...", checking your device identifier and the firmware with Apple's new signatur...

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Announcement: Saurik live chat at 4:15 (ET) today

Please join us this afternoon at 4:15 Eastern for a live chat with Jay "Saurik" Freeman. Jay is going to talk to us about Apple's new signature server and what that means to you as an iPod or iPhone owner. Have you noticed a new message in iTunes when you restore an iPhone or iPod touch? "Verifying...

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Rogue Amoeba Live Chat!

What do you take when you mix mutant powers, the right to bear arms and a bad case of dysentery? Why, Rogue Amoeba of course! TUAW is delighted to host Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba today as we chat about Apple and its developer program. Today we discuss how Apple makes third party development pure ...

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Live blog with Rogue Amoeba, Tuesday morning

Rogue Amoeba. They're unicellular. They're Mac developers. They're armed. Please join us tomorrow morning at approximately 11:30 am ET as TUAW chats with Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba and hopefully assorted colleagues. Our topic is: "How Apple Makes 3rd Party Development Pure Heaven. And Pure Hell."...

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