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Belkin releases Dyle receivers for iPhone and iPad

With ABC adding live streaming to its iPad app and the growth of live TV services via iOS in the past few months, the time is right for Belkin to announce Dyle mobile TV receivers for the iPhone and iPad. The US$129.99 device is about the size of a half a deck of cards, weighs around six ounce...

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Boxee explains dropping PC and Mac clients at CES

We found Boxee at CES' ShowStoppers event this year, and when we cornered them to complain about dropping official PC and Mac support late in 2011, they were appropriately apologetic. Boxee's Liz Dellheim said that yes, they're sorry that they've abandoned that part of the company, and says tha...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app lets subscribers view live TV

Image via Engadget.com Do you subscribe to both cable and internet service from Time Warner Cable? If so, there's an iPad app you're going to want to install as soon as possible. On March 15, Time Warner Cable's new iPad app will become available, and it is the first app of its kind to give...

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