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When it comes time to litigate, Lodsys is nothing more than a coward

The mere mention of Lodsys can often evoke a visceral response of disgust, not too surprising given that Lodsys in the eyes of many epitomizes the worst type of patent troll. Lodsys, if you recall, is a patent holding company that began targeting independent iOS developers back in May of 2011. On...

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Judge tosses out Apple's motion regarding Lodsys

Apple licensed US Patent #772,078 from original owner Intellectual Ventures to allow for in-app purchases of iOS apps. The patent, now owned by Lodsys, covers "Methods and systems for gathering information from units of a commodity across a network." Lodsys started suing iOS developers for patent ...

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Lodsys offers to settle patent dispute with fortunate developer

In May 2011, a largely unknown patent-holding firm named Lodsys began threatening iOS developers with lawsuits if they didn't agree to license Lodsys' patent portfolio, which allegedly covered technology encompassing in-app purchases. The case made headlines not only because Lodsys targeted many ...

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Lodsys: 150 iOS developers give in to patent demands

Lodsys filed what many are calling a "patent troll" lawsuit against a number of smaller iOS developers last year, claiming that while Apple may have licensed its in-app purchase technology patents for iOS, individual developers have not, and should be held accountable for using it. Despite ...

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Daily Update for April 13, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Apple allowed to intervene in Lodsys patent case

Last year, patent holder Lodsys filed lawsuits against iOS developers including James Thomson, Patrick McCarron, IconFactory, Combay, Rovio and more. Apple stepped in and filed a motion to intervene on June 9, 2011. The motion was finally granted this week, says a report in FOSS Patents. Lods...

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iOS developers still battling Lodsys

We haven't heard much from the legal battles between patent troll Lodsys and the developer community, but unfortunately that doesn't mean Lodsys has shriveled up and vanished. Ars Technica has interviewed iOS developer Mike Lee, who founded the Appsterdam Legal Defense Team to fight Lodsys's sh...

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Atari, EA and others push court to accept Apple's request against Lodsys

Lodsys filed suit earlier this year against a number of third-party App Store developers, claiming that it owned patents covering a number of functions used by Apple's app marketplace, and that by using that store, these third-party devs were in violation of these patents. Apple, however, came ...

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Apple insists it has right to intervene in Lodsys patent suit

Apple has filed a response brief to Lodsys, who responded to Apple's intervention in the patent suit two weeks ago. Around the same time, the suit was expanded to include big-name iOS developers such as Rovio, EA, Atari, Take-Two Interactive and Square Enix. Lodsys has filed an opposition brief tr...

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Appsterdam founder rallies developers for legal protection

Mac and iOS developer Mike Lee has announced the Appsterdam Legal Defense Team, meant to defend independent developers against the patent claims recently made by the likes of Lodsys. Mike tells his fellow developers that "rally time starts now," while outlining the defense team's immediate p...

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Apple updates its response to Lodsys suit, but doesn't move to invalidate patents

Apple has updated its proposed answer to the Lodsys suit against third-party developers. Lodsys has recently expanded its patent suit to include big-name iOS developers like Rovio (of Angry Birds), EA, Atari, Take-Two Interactive and Square-Enix, according to The Mac Observer. Florian Mueller o...

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Lodsys now going after apps with More Apps buttons

Not happy with merely going after app developers who offer in-app purchase in their iOS apps, Lodsys is now sending out infringement letters to developers who cross-promote apps. Developer EpicForce received an infringement notice from Lodsys over its iFighter 1945 game, which offers users the opt...

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Lodsys requests 2 months to respond to Apple (Updated)

A few weeks ago, Apple filed a motion to intervene in Lodsys' controversial lawsuit against a handful of iOS app developers. Lodsys was required to respond to Apple's request by June 27, 2011, but the company has asked for a two month extension. If a judge approves this extension, Lodsys will hav...

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Apple files motion to intervene in Lodsys suit

Apple has filed a motion to intervene for developers being sued by Lodsys. The motion was filed in the Eastern District of Texas and notes that the developers are: "are individuals or small entities with far fewer resources than Apple and [...] lack the technical information, ability, and incen...

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Lodsys patents now face invalidation attack

The latest salvo in the ongoing Lodsys patent dispute against third-party App Store developers has just been fired. According to Florian Mueller, Michigan-based company ForeSee Results "has filed a declaratory judgment suit against Lodsys's four patents with the US District Court for the Northe...

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