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Hands on with LookTel Recognizer: Visual recognition through an iOS app

For $10, LookTel Recognizer by IPPLEX offers a brilliant app for anyone with visual impairments. It offers recognition technology that allows iPhones to "learn" objects and speak them back whenever that object appears on-screen (or, more accurately, on-camera) at a later time. From canned goods to ...

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LookTel releases recognizer app for the visually disabled

LookTel, which came out with the Money Reader app last year that helps the visually impaired accurately count money, has come out with a new app using the same technology to help people with vision problems to identify common objects. LookTel Recognizer allows users to magnify items and store them...

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LookTel helps the blind count their money using an iPhone

Smartphone cameras are quite versatile. Some people used them to take pretty pictures, while others use them for the recognition of a face, product or an object. LookTel has taken this idea of object recognition and used it as the cornerstone of a new app called Money Reader. Money Reader use...

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