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Oklahoma farmer loses iPhone in grain pit, finds it in Japan 9 months later

When you lose your iPhone, you usually have no clue where it could be. A farmer in Oklahoma named Kevin Whitney knew exactly where his lost iPhone was, he just couldn't get to it. You see, in October of last year the unfortunate phone took a dive from Whitney's shirt pocket, made a trip up a grain...

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4 ways to find your lost iPhone (and keep it from getting lost again)

2014 is just waking up and its house is trashed. There are champagne stains on the carpet, and its iPhone is nowhere to be found. Yikes. If you've followed in the New Year's footsteps and similarly misplaced your pricey pocket computer, there are a few things you can do to find it and prevent an u...

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David Pogue's iPhone lost, searched for, found, world safe for kittens

Are you sitting? You'd better be sitting down for this one. Go ahead, we'll wait -- safety first. Sitting now? Ok, here we go: David Pogue lost his iPhone. Don't worry, don't worry! It's ok -- he found it eventually. Pogue, author and personal tech columnist for the New York Times, lost track...

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US carriers agree to national stolen phone database

According to a Wall Street Journal report, four of the largest wireless carriers in the US are working with the US government to create a national stolen phone database. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will develop their own databases and then merge them into a centralized serve...

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Iraq war veteran's iPod found 6,000 miles away, returned to him

You always hear about a lost cat or a dog traveling hundreds of miles to find its owner. Here's a story from WFMY2 News in Greensboro, NC about an iPod that traveled thousands of miles to make its way home to a soldier in Iraq. The story begins with Venice Curtis,who had an iPod that he used for m...

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San Fran PD looking for security footage at lost iPhone bar

CNET is reporting that the San Francisco Police Department is poking around local bar Cava 22, the same establishment where a prototype iPhone was supposed to have been lost a little while ago. The owner of the bar says that the SFPD came by asking for surveillance videotape of July 21 and 22 (...

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Apple hiring new product security managers

Last week, a CNET report kicked off the wild tale of a lost iPhone 5. This baffling story tracked the phone from a bar to an apartment in San Francisco. It even included a controversial search conducted by Apple security employees with the San Francisco police department. Though this is an entert...

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Apple loses another prototype iPhone - maybe not (Updated)

Update 2: SF Weekly kept digging, all the way to the man who claims "investigators" stormed his house and searched his stuff. SF Weekly obtained a phone number, one for a man who appeared on LinkedIn (before the page was pulled) as an Apple "senior investigator." When SF Weekly called the man, ...

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How To: Add contact information to your Mac's login screen

If you believe in the kindness of strangers, this tip might be for you. Most laptop users fear that their computer will be lost or stolen. Assuming that the right sort of person finds your laptop, however, they might be willing to return it to its rightful owner, if they knew how to contact you. It...

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Lost's Apple II up for auction

The Apple II computer from the hit show Lost was one of the things that unfortunately wasn't really answered as the series ended. I get that the Dharma Initiative was trying to contain a leak from the source, probably because of Jughead going off, but what was up with that scene of Michael supposed...

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Dilbert's missing 4G phone

In an interesting experiment to see how long it takes to have a comic published, Scott Adams (the author of famed work-humor comic Dilbert) penned a pair of strips that are particularly relevant to recent events. Due to the extended lead time for comic publishing in newspapers, Adams decided that th...

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9 41 9 42: The secret of Apple's recurring numbers

For years, Apple has featured a recurring number in all of its iPhone ads and screen shots. The time in the status bar always reads 9:42. What's more, since the debut of the iPad, the time in every iPad ad and screen shot always reads 9:41. 9:42 or 9:41. Every single time. What can those speci...

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Disney CEO calls iPad "a game changer"

While discussing the iPad with the Associated Press on Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted at his company's plans for the iPad, and called it "a game changer." He gave brief examples of ideas they're throwing around for the iPad, including ESPN ScoreCenter and an interactive app for the ABC drama...

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Six things I learned from losing my iPhone 3G

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a two-day business trip to Kansas City. As usual, the moment my plane landed I turned on my iPhone and gave my wife call to let her know that I had made it to my destination safely. I told her I'd text her as I got my rental car, and then call when I got to my hotel. ...

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Sticking with the Apple Remote

On that unboxing video we posted the other day (sorry about the ads-- point taken), it was noted that the Apple Remote no longer stuck to the side of the new iMac. Reader Sal emailed me this morning to point out that not only did his Remote not stick either, but apparently he rang up Apple, and the ...

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