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Apple's Lucky Bag sale kicks off in Japan

Last week TUAW covered the annual Japanese New Year's tradition of Fukubukuro or "Lucky Bag," in which merchants sell sealed bags of items at a substantial discount. Apple Stores are participating today (January 2, 2013) with bags selling for ¥33,000 (US$380). So what was in the bags this y...

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"Lucky Bags" will return to Japan's Apple Stores

Fukubukuro, or "Mystery Bag," is a Japanese New Year's Day tradition during which merchants sell sealed bags of various items at a substantial discount, often as high as 50 percent. Apple Stores will participate once again on January 2, 2013. The bags will sell for US$390. In previous years, lucky...

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Apple lovers in Japan camp out for 'Lucky Bag' sale

Retailers in Japan have a New Year shopping tradition of selling "lucky bags," which contain an assortment of items whose value typically exceeds the price you pay for the bag. To the delight of many Apple fanboys here in Tokyo, "lucky bags" are also sold at the Apple store. But at 30,000 yen (ab...

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