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Retina MacBook Pro gets a processor bump across the line

Eagle-eyed Apple Store watchers noticed the company's online commerce site taking a brief nap this morning, and sure enough when it woke up again something new had arrived: revised models of the 13" and 15" MacBook Pro, with faster Intel Haswell processors and a unified floor on RAM capacity (8 GB...

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New MacBook Pro models are out now

After an early morning bit of store downtime, Apple has released new MacBook Pro models this morning, as rumored/longed for/expected lo these many weeks. The 15" and 17" models now use the i5 and i7 Intel dual-core processors (at 2.4, 2.53GHz or 2.66Ghz, respectively -- gigahertz numbers no longer d...

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Apple allows matte screens on 15-inch MacBook Pros again

Hooray for all us big-window dwelling Mac users! If you're craving something other than Apple's standard glossy screen, the anti-glare matte finish is an option again on the Apple Store for 15" MacBook Pros. Except it'll cost you $50 extra and replaces the black border with a silver one. Small pri...

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Subtle hint from MS Office website: Get a Mac

Going back to school? You'll need books, Microsoft Office... and a MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, if the picture on Microsoft's Office back-to-school site is to be believed. Both the landing and inside pages of the site prominently feature the machines running what appears to be Office 2007 for Windows ...

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Engadget tries to fry an egg on Penryn MacBook Pro

OK, they didn't really try to fry an egg. But for those of us using those first searing-heat MBP's, you'll be happy to know the Penryn MacBook Pro's are a little cooler (temperature-wise anyway). On average, about 10° F cooler, and the fans run slower and quieter. Sorry if this kills any MacGuyv...

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Jobs might deliver a keynote, updated MacBook Pros on September 12th?

Egads, the rumor engine has caught on fire and September 12th is to blame: HardMac cites anonymous sources (i.e. - take it with a grain of salt) that Steve Jobs still won't be present in Paris for the upcoming Apple Expo, but that doesn't mean he can't be on a stage somewhere: the rumor is that Jobs...

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ExpressCard Update for MacBook Pros

Apple has released a software update for at least the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and possibly the 17-inch as well (I just have a 15-inch). ExpressCard Update 1.0 "resolves an issue that prevented the system from sleeping when some cards are inserted in the ExpressCard/34 slot." Have at it boys and girls....

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MacBook Pros now available in 20 colors - from ColorWare

It seems like the rumors of multi-colored MacBook Pros were true, though Apple wasn't the one who dipped them in paint. ColorWare, purveyors of colorized high-end electronics, has added the 15-inch MacBook Pro (sorry, no 17-inch - yet) to their array of products you can purchase new and colorized. ...

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