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SecuritySpy updated to 1.4.1

Sometimes there's a Mac app that's so functional, bulletproof and reliable, it almost drops below the radar. In my office, that app is SecuritySpy, recently upgraded to version 1.4.1. Developed by Ben Bird of BTV fame, this security camera monitoring/timelapse/motion capture tool just keeps tickin...

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Capture audio and anything on screen as a movie with iShowU

iShowU is a versatile utility from shinywhitebox for recording video captures of your display (including any audio). Users have quite a bit of control over what exactly is recorded and how, including specifying a capture size and format, as well as 'mouse capture' and 'follow mouse' modes of record...

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Popcorn 2 goes Universal

Roxio announced Popcorn 2 is a Universal Binary now. Popcorn is a little app that'll supposedly move content around to your mobile stuff— a PSP, iPod, or "mobile phone." I couldn't get a list of supported phones, but I'm assuming it won't convert your movies to ASCII so they show up...

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