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Cleveland Clinic Foundation develops iPad-based MS disability assessment tool

The portability and power available on the iPad makes Apple's little machine that could a source of incredible opportunity in the medical diagnostic field. Recently the Cleveland Clinic Foundation developed a new app for the device called the Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test (MSPT). MSPT helps ...

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Entourage 2008 and Time Machine don't get along

Office 2008 for the Mac is a huge release for Microsoft, and a big deal for most Mac users. I've been anxiously waiting for the newest version of Office for one thing only: Entourage 2008. For my money Entourage is the best mail client on OS X (feel free to call me names in the comments), but Entour...

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Microsoft Mac BU sponsors 'Blogger Lounge' at Macworld

Microsoft has really embraced blogging, in a way that Apple most certainly has not (though I find it interesting that blogging features heavily in Apple's advertising). As you might expect Microsoft will have a large presence at Macworld next week, since they are the second largest Mac developer out...

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