AT&T's Aio Wireless offers pre-paid service, iPhones

AT&T has launched a new pre-paid wireless mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) named Aio Wireless. The carrier will operate on AT&T's network, but is only available in Houston, Orlando and Tampa at the present time. Four plans will be available from Aio Wireless. For phones, the Aio Bas...

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Apple patent would require carriers to bid for iPhone service

Apple was recently awarded a patent describing a wireless selection system that would require carriers to compete for service on an iPhone. According to the patent, the phone would store the network settings for a variety of carriers and select the appropriate service based upon information sent to...

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Qwest in talks with AT&T; iPhone possible

I'm a bit late to the party on this one because I just found this Xchange magazine article about Qwest talking with AT&T today. As Qwest considers dumping Sprint Nextel, its wireless partner over the last few years, its talks with AT&T might allow Qwest customers like me access to the iPhon...

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