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Crytek showed off a new iOS title called The Collectibles at WWDC

Crytek is the company behind the Crysis series of games, as well as the CryEngine game engine that powers them, and it's released a game on iOS before. Now, it looks like the AAA developer is planning to make a return to Apple's touchscreen platform, with a new game called The Collectibles (or The...

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Oscium's iMSO-104 turns your iPad into a mixed signal oscilloscope

Inventive people continue to demonstrate how versatile iPads are. The latest example we've found turns the device into an oscilloscope. Oscium developed the iMSO-104 mixed-signal oscilloscope for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch "quickly and easily," the company says, thanks to Apple's iOS and MFi...

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iControlPad using unlicensed dock connection, forced to go Bluetooth

The folks at iControlPad can't seem to catch a break -- the design for the plug-in iPhone controller was finally finished, but the creators are now backing off of that design. Specifically, they're worried about Apple's lawsuit against Sanho, in which the battery manufacturer was sued for creating ...

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