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Oscium's iMSO-104 turns your iPad into a mixed signal oscilloscope

Inventive people continue to demonstrate how versatile iPads are. The latest example we've found turns the device into an oscilloscope. Oscium developed the iMSO-104 mixed-signal oscilloscope for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch "quickly and easily," the company says, thanks to Apple's iOS and MFi...

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JVC announces 'Made for iPod' gear

JVC has announced a number of new products that are 'Made for iPod.' If you recall, Apple has a program called 'Made for iPod,' which manufacturers can enter by paying a percentage of their profits on the item to Apple. In return they get Apple's stamp of approval. Amongst JVC's offers is the JVC N...

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ViewSonic unveils iPod dock equipped monitors

ViewSonic, the display company that will forever be known to me as 'That one with the 3 mildly creepy birds, has announced an LCD monitor with an integrated iPod dock. Docking your video enabled iPod allows you to play videos right on the monitor, which is pretty sweet. The monitor also functions as...

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