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"Magic Slate" to be unveiled today at WWDC?

Engadget has some photos of the supposed Multi-Touch trackpad peripheral Steve Jobs is going to unveil today at WWDC. There's some debate on what its name will be, but "Magic Slate" popped up back in December, and then "Magic Trackpad" showed up in an Apple trademark filing in February. The pe...

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Fox News backs up "big" Apple event rumors for January, cites "mobility space"

Shortly after Google China's former head posted what appear to be insider details about the upcoming Apple tablet, Clayton Morris at Fox News has confirmed the Apple January event will be "big" and focus on the "mobility space." Fox's story follows up on the original Financial Times report that Appl...

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iSlate has a friend -- meet the mysterious Magic Slate

The slates just keep coming. Now MacRumors is reporting that Apple has filed a trademark for a device called "Magic Slate." The term was categorized broadly to cover computers, computer peripherals, computer hardware and much more. "Magic Slate" adopts a similar naming convention to the recently ...

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