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MapQuest gets new look, features for iOS 7 users

With Google and Apple locked in an epic battle to win the maps wars, many forget that there are other decent mapping services for iOS. One such service is MapQuest, the tried-and-true mapping solution that has been around for years and years. Today the company updated its MapQuest app for iOS 7 a...

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MapQuest Travel Blogs iOS app: Capture and share your journeys

Whenever my lovely wife and I take a vacation, we take a lot of photographs and keep a log of what interesting things happen every day. For the past few years we've used a self-hosted WordPress blog, which entails making sure that the WordPress software and plugins are updated on a regular basi...

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New version of Mapquest for iOS will appeal to those without an iPhone 4S

Even with Apple jumping into the navigation sweepstakes, many iOS users will still need some kind of navigation app because they won't have an iPhone 4S that Apple's new map apps requires. to enable the turn-by-turn feature of iOS 6's Maps app. [The Maps app itself will work on any iOS 6-supporte...

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iPhone navigation packages, in S-M-L editions

Thinking about getting Dad some directional guidance for Father's Day? Our package selections cover small, medium and large budgets to get where you're going. Of all the industries disrupted by the emergence of these odd touchscreen computers disguised as mobile phones, the standalone GPS market...

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WWDC Video: AOL's Christina Wick on developing for Macs, iPhones

I had a moment to talk to Technical Director Christina Wick at WWDC. She told us about the Mapquest app, plus a cool lifestreaming feature coming soon to AIM. Christina was featured in a video by Apple about developing on the iPhone, and it's clear AOL has embraced the platform, with several apps ...

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TUAW First Look: MapQuest 4 Mobile

Once upon a time, multipoint navigation on the iPhone required some heavy lifting, and a bit of savvy was required to get you from Point A to Point B to Point C. Using the built-in map application, you could enter a future location as a bookmark, as a contact, or you could use the "Recents" button. ...

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