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Simple Bracket for iPhone is ready for March Madness

Simple Bracket US$0.99) is the Kickstarter-funded iPhone app from Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt. It's an app for tracking the action of March Madness, when the US NCAA Men's Division I basketball championship is decided. Provost and Gerhardt strayed from the traditional bracket-style tournament d...

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NCAA March Madness Live app comes to iOS

It's March which means it's time for the college basketball tournament season. Celebrate March Madness with the NCAA's new March Madness Live app which lets you watch all the televised games from 2012 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship on your iPad or iPhone. The video coverage starts t...

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March Madness to stream to the iPad and iPhone for free

CBS, Turner Sports and the NCAA announced this week that streaming content from the March Madness basketball tournament will be made available to iOS users for free. In the past, CBS has streamed the content for free over the internet and to iPhone owners via a paid application. Last year, the ...

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Office Pool 2007

I'm not a basketball fan, but I know that March Madness fever is sweeping the nation. Many folks are creating office pools for a little harmless wagering, and Office Pool 2007 makes it much easier to keep track of who is in, and how they are doing. It has a number of very cool features (FTP, a PHP ...

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