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Nintendo needs to embrace iOS as a games platform

In 2011, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata vowed that his company would absolutely not create games for iOS devices. That same year saw the launch of the 3DS, Nintendo's new hope for mobile gaming dominance. Now, in 2013, with its marquee home console, the Wii U, thoroughly underperforming in sales...

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Morning chuckle: Attack of the clone apps

A link to this story on App Store clone apps crossed our desks this morning at TUAW central. We spent quite a bit of time arguing over which one was the most outrageous rip-off of a Nintendo title. It's a wonderful write-up, and I encourage you to pop over and read it all. The entire post is sor...

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Daily iPad App: Paper Monsters

I've found that iOS isn't the best platform (so to speak) for platformers. I love games like Mario and Sonic, where you drive a little character around, jumping between platforms and collecting goodies. The lack of physical buttons on Apple's touch screens (and let's face it: cheaper production va...

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Nintendo: iOS apps "absolutely not under consideration"

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed to a Japanese news organization that the games maker will not develop games for iOS. When asked about Nintendo creating games for iOS, the Nintendo head said, "This is absolutely not under consideration." This comment follows months of discussion abou...

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Nintendo shareholders revolt, demand Mario & Co. on iPhones

Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo shareholders are growing irate with the company and its president, Satoru Iwata, after shares of the company hit a six-year low. Nintendo has seen slouching profits in recent years as mobile phones like the iPhone and other devices like the iPod touch have q...

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Mario clone in App Store, place your bets for how long (Update: It's gone)

UPDATE: Yeah, as tipster Matt told us, this app has been pulled. That only took a few hours. You gotta be kidding. I am dying to know who, exactly, at Apple is unfamiliar with Mario the plumber. An intern born in the 90s, maybe? At any rate, go grab this platformer featuring Monino, whose broth...

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Rumor mill: Nintendo licensing iPhone games

The rumors are flying about gaming giant Nintendo licensing "a limited amount of content" for the iPhone, and the rumors all seem to point back to this post over on a site called No Heat. They name no sources (of course), but they say that these Nintendo games will show up on the iTunes store at $29...

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Arcade Daze from the Iconfactory

I usually don't write about new icons, but when they are so... iconic I feel it is my duty to share them with the good readers of TUAW (I am too kind, I know). Arcade Daze from the Iconfactory revisits those halcyon days of yore when one could fritter away the afternoon, and a roll of quarters, in t...

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