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Apple is the world's most valuable company... again

Wow, it seems like it was only yesterday that we were reporting that Apple had slipped by ExxonMobil as the world's most valuable company. Well, actually it was almost two years ago, but we're happy to tell you that Apple's stock price has soared recently, bringing the company back into the top sp...

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Will Apple hit a $1 trillion market valuation?

A maelstrom of headlines hit the internet yesterday claiming Apple was the most valuable company in history now that its market cap hit $622 billion. While this may not be true once you adjust Microsoft's 1999 record-setting value of $618.9 billion for inflation, the bigger question we should b...

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Apple stock soars, company worth more than Google, Microsoft combined

Whoa! As of this writing (noon EST) Apple stock has reached a new high of US$493.85, which is a record share price. It also gives the company a market capitalization of $465 billion, which exceeds the combined totals of Google and Microsoft. Apple passed Microsoft in Market Cap back in May of 2010....

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Apple stock gains nearly $100 since Steve's passing

Apple 2.0 editor Philip Elmer-DeWitt is back today with another fascinating Apple statistic: "[Apple] has gained nearly one Facebook in value since Steve Jobs died." Elmer-DeWitt remarks that the share price of AAPL on October 4, 2011, the day before Jobs passed away, was US$372.50 and that the mar...

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App Store hypothetical market cap beats RIM's value

Research in Motion, maker of the once-ubiquitous BlackBerry, hasn't been doing so well this year. As each month goes buy, its smartphone continues to lose market share to the likes of Apple's iPhone and Android-powered phones. Just last week, RIM's stock sank after dismal quarterly earnings and...

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Asymco graphs Apple's performance under Steve Jobs

Asymco always has great graphical analysis of Apple's performance, and the site's latest is no exception. Dirk Schmidt has analyzed Apple's market cap during the Steve Jobs era, and the graphs show just how dramatic Apple's turnaround was during Jobs's time as CEO. At the beginning of Jobs's ten...

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Apple is worth more than all of these things

With Apple (AAPL) having a market cap of roughly US$387 billion, it becomes the most valuable company in the US. Matter of fact, it currently has a $30 billion lead over the next most valuable company, Exxon Mobil (XOM). However, market caps are boring. What's fun is to look at how much Apple i...

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Apple is now the world's most valuable company

Apple and ExxonMobil played market cap tag yesterday, but at market close today Apple has pulled ahead and is now the most valuable company in the world. Apple's market cap now stands at US$337.17 billion, over $6 billion more than Exxon's $330.77 billion market cap. Market cap is only one way ...

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Apple briefly passes ExxonMobil for largest US market cap

As we reported earlier today, Apple (AAPL) shares were up to US$367.91. At that price, for a few moments, Apple was "worth" $342 billion (overall market capitalization) while ExxonMobil (XOM) was at $341 billion with a $70.71 share price. That made Apple -- briefly -- the world's most valuable ...

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Apple will be the first $1 trillion company

"A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion trillion dollars." If there's one company that will hit a trillion dollar market cap, it will be Apple, according to USA Today. Apple could do it in the next three years. USA Today came up with Apple's trillion dollar market cap b...

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Apple's market cap passes $300 billion

After blasting through the $330 per share for Apple's stock today, the company now has a market capitalization valued at around $302 billion dollars. While market cap isn't everything, this is a substantial shift from the way things used to be. Apple used to be the underdog! Remember when Apple w...

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AAPL passes Microsoft to reach 2nd on US market cap list

We expected it to happen eventually, but not quite this fast: Apple's market capitalization now exceeds that of longtime rival Microsoft. As of the 4pm ET market close today, Apple's total share value bests Microsoft's by nearly US$3 billion -- Apple stands at US$222.5 billion, while Microsoft is at...

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