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AppleCare freezes over-the-phone password resets in wake of hacking incident

The ripples from Mat Honan's weekend security incursion keep pushing outward. Earlier today Amazon shifted policy to prevent account details from being changed via a phone call, which blocks one avenue the hackers used to get the personal info used to compromise Honan's iCloud account. Now, acc...

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Amazon responds to iCloud account hacking

Amazon is taking action after learning of the inadvertent role it played in Wired writer Mat Honan's digital nightmare last week, when his iCloud account password was compromised and his Mac was wiped. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told Wired on Monday that processes were being reviewed, but...

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Mat Honan details the Amazon and Apple security flaws that let hackers wipe his MacBook

Late Friday, Wired writer Mat Honan ran into a digital buzzsaw as his iCloud, Gmail and Twitter accounts were compromised in rapid succession. The hackers did a tremendous amount of collateral damage along the way, spewing racist and homophobic tweets on Honan's account plus the Gizmodo Twitter...

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Compromised iCloud password leads to nightmare (updated)

Updated. Former Gizmodo writer & current Wired Gadget Lab staffer Mat Honan is having a pretty bad day. As you can read on his Tumblr post (not to mention elsewhere), hackers compromised his iCloud account. They used that access to reset his iCloud password, reset his Gmail password, gain c...

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