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'Max Payne 3' coming to the Mac on June 20

Rockstar Games has announced that it is bringing its popular console and PC title Max Payne 3 to the Mac on Thursday. Rockstar has yet to release its pricing, only stating that the Mac version of the game supports "a number of advanced graphics options, scalable high-resolution textures and charac...

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Max Payne and Burnout Crash hit the iOS App Store

Two high-profile games, one from Rockstar Games and one from Electronics Arts, hit the iOS App Store today. The most anticipated of the two is Max Payne. The third-person shooter was originally created by Remedy Entertainment for the PC, and Rockstar Games then ported it to the major gaming con...

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Rockstar to bring original Max Payne to iOS

Another oldie but goodie is getting the iOS treatment, and if you loved the original Max Payne you'll be buying this one. I've never found the controls on these games where I want, but word is the Payne update will offer some customization for touchscreens. Look for more of that here, with HD g...

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