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Why McGraw-Hill is selling iBooks for $15

The announcement this morning that textbooks would be sold through the iBookstore wasn't especially surprising. But the price was; full-featured multimedia electronic textbooks being offered for no more than US$15 is exactly the kind of disruptive shakeup the industry needed. While only the K-12 e...

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Select McGraw-Hill educational apps for iPhone and iPad free until 4/16

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is holding its annual conference this week and in honor of this event McGraw-Hill has dropped the price on select iOS educational applications. The sale started earlier this week and extends until the conference ends on April 16. During this time, t...

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Inkling makes deals for e-textbooks with key publishers

While many companies are talking about making the iPad the platform for electronic textbooks, one San Francisco startup appears to be moving boldly into making the dream a reality. Inkling has announced that it'll be receiving financial backing from two of the largest names in textbook publishin...

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Was McGraw-Hill omitted from the iPad announcement?

Ever since the supposedly leaked confirmation on Tuesday about the iPad, rumors have been flying around about McGraw-Hill and its CEO's appearance on CNBC. Not minutes after posting it, people first assumed that Terry McGraw was in trouble with Steve, and then rumors showed up that the leak may hav...

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McGraw-Hill CEO: "The tablet is going to be just really terrific"

McGraw-Hill's CEO Terry McGraw is obviously very excited that he's been asked to work with Apple on a brand new type of computer, and he just couldn't wait another 24 hours to tell somebody -- he showed up on CNBC today to talk about his company's latest earnings, and he more or less spills the bea...

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