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Plex 1.1 for iOS adds functionality, interface changes

Put simply, Plex version 1.1 is everything that FrontRow should be. For a start, it streams to your iDevice, presents plenty of online media ... you get the idea. The only advantage FrontRow has is price, and at US$4.99 Plex probably won't break the bank. The latest version includes many new and...

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Boxee to add iPad support, more in May

Boxee confirmed on its blog that its next update will add support for the Apple iPad. The streaming content provider will release the Boxee for iPad app that will let you stream content from your Boxee Box to your Apple iPad over a wireless connection. This feature would be ideal for some late ni...

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Boxee demonstrated on iPad at CES 2011

As soon as we heard that Boxee was demoing their iPad version at this year's CES conference, we had to hunt them down and see it. We found them over at Iomega's booth (stay tuned for a writeup of an Iomega product designed to help iPhone backups as well), and asked to see the app. It's about what y...

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Boxee opens up alpha, adds iPlayer support for UK users

It isn't just about Macworld; shockingly there is some other tech news happening this week as well. Our pals over at boxee have just announced a new version, some love for UK users and some great news: no more invites needed! Instead of hounding me (I kid, I never minded) for a boxee invite, you ca...

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Adobe announces possible iTunes competitor

Adobe just announced its own media player at NAB. The player should operate along the same lines of iTunes and Windows Media Player allowing media library management and playback. Its Flash playback support sets it apart from the crowd--although as we've posted in the past, installing Perian adds Fl...

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