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Ping gets exclusive posthumous Michael Jackson song

While some people think Ping is a flop (including me), Apple did score one little victory with its iTunes-centric social media network: its secured the exclusive rights to stream a new Michael Jackson song for the next week. Visitors to Ping's Michael Jackson page can listen to the song, titled "...

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Talkcast reminder: 10pm ET, new gear and new month

It's the first of August -- already? -- and we're back live tonight on Talkshoe, so call in and chat with us about the biggest Apple stories of the past week. On the docket this evening, we'll be talking about what iPad owners (and the iPad's detractors) are like, the revised iMacs and Mac Pro, A...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Where's my Michael Jackson Zombie?

Dear Aunt TUAW, PopCap Games recently released an update to Plants vs. Zombies boasting "multiple performance enhances and bug fixes" (sure, but I never had an issue on my 3GS). Now, the King of Pop Zombie is nowhere to be found! He's replaced with a zombie with an orange Afro, white 70s leisur...

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French radio station giving away Michael Jackson edition iPod

French radio station “Nostalgie” (did I get that right? Help me out, French speakers) is giving away limited-edition Michael Jackson iPods. The 30GB, numbered iPods (1-100) feature an engraved portrait of the singer as well as the text: "VisionaryMichael Jackson The Video Singles&qu...

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