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Making Microsoft Office on the Mac look more PC-like

Previously, I've mentioned that, despite their similar DNA and file interoperability, Microsoft Office for the PC and Mac are different in their own little subtle ways. This is part function: for example, Microsoft Excel on the Mac uses the 1904 date system, while its PC counterpart uses the 1900...

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MarinerCalc for iPhone: A spreadsheet in the palm of your hand

The wizards at Mariner Software have been around the Apple world for a long time. Their first product, a HyperCard stack that charted stock prices, came out in 1989 as a shareware product. After twenty years of developing cool Mac apps, Mariner has just released a useful product for the iPhone: Mari...

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iPhone can read Word, Excel, PDF documents

The title explains it all: Revealed in Apple's new iPhone Guided Tour video is the swanky handset's previously-unknown ability to read Word, Excel, and PDF document e-mail attachments. This alleviates fears to the contrary, and will sure be useful for those business-types On The Go eager for their q...

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