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Microsoft thinks Apple is playing catch up in the tablet market

Apple is known for having what tech buffs like to call the "reality distortion field," where whatever the company says becomes true within the Apple nation, but now it seems Microsoft may be attempting to cultivate a similar atmosphere around its own products. Speaking with TechRadar, Microsoft's ...

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Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky: Windows 8 PCs are better value than Apple

AllThingsD's Ina Fried was on hand for Microsoft's full day of Windows 8 fun yesterday, and she reports that Microsoft exec Steven Sinofsky enjoyed pointing out how the new Windows 8 PCs deliver better value than Apple's products. Sinofsky said that there are "full-featured Windows 8 laptops ...

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iPad mini's rumored launch may be aimed at Microsoft Surface

This theory is speculative, but let's give CNN's Don Sears some consideration anyway. He suggests that Apple's suspected iPad mini event has been moved from the rumored October 10 to 17 date range to the current expectation of the October 23. Why, he asks? Because the Microsoft Surface is due t...

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iPad "Smarter Cover" patent application would add display, controls to cover

Like your iPad Smart Cover? You can look forward to a possible future "Smarter Cover" from Apple if the company follows up on a patent application filed about a year ago for a Smart Cover-like tablet cover with a flexible secondary display. As shown in the lovely, high-resolution color images...

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