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Tag: MicrosoftWord

Auto-Save Microsoft Word with Keyboard Maestro

In Mac Power Users Episode 187, David Sparks and Katie Floyd talked about word processing apps, which meant talking a great deal about Microsoft Word, as well as Pages and others. Around the 38m40s mark, Katie mentioned that she uses Word a lot in her day job, and has a lot of issues with the app ...

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Re-create the iOS 7 home screen in Microsoft Word

Vaclav Krejci is the madman behind this video. Watch as he re-creates the iOS home screen -- stock icon by stock icon -- in Microsoft Word. I don't know what's more compelling here: Krejci's thorough knowledge of Word's tools or the fact that the word processing software can be used so effectively a...

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Word 2011 brings ribbons, clouds, and full-screen mode

TUAW dives into Microsoft Office 2011 with reviews of the apps that make up the suite. First up: the pans and praises of Word 2011. It's been a stalwart on the Mac platform since before we said things like "the Mac platform." Turning 25 this year, Microsoft Word is the anchor app for the Office 2011...

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TUAW TV Live today at 5 PM ET: Writing tools for Mac

Monday was the start of NaNoWriMo, the annual writing fest in which authors from around the globe attempt to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. I've started on my third novel, and as usual I'm having a blast thinking up characters, situations, plot lines, and just how I'm going to wrap up this en...

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Making Microsoft Office on the Mac look more PC-like

Previously, I've mentioned that, despite their similar DNA and file interoperability, Microsoft Office for the PC and Mac are different in their own little subtle ways. This is part function: for example, Microsoft Excel on the Mac uses the 1904 date system, while its PC counterpart uses the 1900...

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ScreenSteps Pro adds video embedding and Pages/Word export

ScreenSteps 2.6 is out, and has added two very useful features: the ability to export to Microsoft Word or Pages, and the ability to embed videos into your documents for online publication. We've covered this screen-based documentation application since its initial release, and it continues to be a ...

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First Look: Documents to Go for iPhone

Documents to Go from DataViz has been known for years to the Palm and Blackberry community, and it finally comes to the iPhone -- filling in the need for a built-in Word (and soon Excel) editor that truly turns the iPhone into a mini computer. There are currently two versions of Document To Go. The ...

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TUAW Tips: Open .docx files with Office 2004

If you haven't yet upgraded to Microsoft Office 2008, you're probably intimately familiar with the problem of receiving Office 2008 .docx (Word 2008) files; they're not natively supported by Office 2004. If you have updated that older version of Office to 11.5.0 and installed the Open XML File Forma...

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iPhone can read Word, Excel, PDF documents

The title explains it all: Revealed in Apple's new iPhone Guided Tour video is the swanky handset's previously-unknown ability to read Word, Excel, and PDF document e-mail attachments. This alleviates fears to the contrary, and will sure be useful for those business-types On The Go eager for their q...

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